Beastars Season 2: Official Release Window Confirmed By Netflix!

The wait is finally over. Now we finally have the release date for Beastars Season 2. The fans have been desperately waiting for the second season of the anime. And now it seems like they won’t have to wait much longer because it will release sooner than anyone expected. Those who are unfamiliar with the manga of the anime fell in love with the show in an instant.

Earlier this week, Ryokutya updated the fans through his social media that Beastars Season 2 will be returning in 2021. It was initially scheduled to release in August 2020. However, the creators have to delay their release because of the global pandemic. Paru Itagaki has released 20 manga volumes of the series so far. And it will continue to move forward in the upcoming months.

Itagaki created the manga series of series of Beastars for Weekly Shonen Champion in 2016. Viz Media licensed the English version of the manga, and Netflix licensed the anime adaptation of it. In the series, the fans can watch an intense tale of the students who are divided into predators and prey. The story is full of intense moments and twists and turns.

The fans have curious about when they will see Beastars Season 2 in 2021. But now they have the answers for that too. It will premiere in January 2021, in Japan. Later NX on Netflix also confirmed this news. However, the fans in the US have to wait till April/May 2021, for the anime to premiere on Netflix.

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