My Hero Academia: Chapter 279 Teases New Technique Of Mina Ashido!!

The latest chapter 279 of My Hero Academia was recently released, and its ending left the fans curious for the next chapter. There has been a battle going on with Paranormal Liberation Front for quite a long time. The students of Class 1-A and Class 1-B are trying everything they can to stop the violence of Gigantomachia. And in the last moments of this chapter, the creators teased the new move of Mina Ashido.

In Chapter 279 of My Hero Academia, things only get worse for Yaoyorozu and other students as they have to stop and be the final defense line against Gigantomachia. However, then they came up with an idea of putting a liquid substance in the mouth of the monster, which might put him to sleep. And the worst part is they don’t have any pros to help them with this task.

Every single student tried to reach Gigantomachia’s mouth but failed terribly. League of Villains members who were riding on top of the monster didn’t let anyone succeed. But with the final burst of emerging strength, Mt. Lady reaches his mouth. Meanwhile, Mina Ashido is advancing towards the monster’s face and is ready to use his new move from his Acidman technique that we have yet to see in the journey of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Chapter 279

Mina Ashido previously revealed that Eijiro Kirishima’s Red Riot form inspired his technique. Ashido’s new technique is an acidic gel that protects her body. It won’t be providing any additional combat power, but it will save her from the attack of League of Villians. So, will she succeed in putting the monster into sleep? For the answers we have to wait for My Hero Academia Chapter 280.

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