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Beelzebub Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? Will It Ever Release? Details

This year, Beelzebub is finally completing its tenth anniversary. The anime first aired in January 2011 and entertained us for over a year. Even after a decade of its release, fans are still eager to know if Beelzebub Season 2 will ever make it to the screens. Sadly, Studio Pierrot+ (a subsidiary of popular studio Pierrot) is yet to renew the sequel. Is there any hope for it? Can fans save it from cancellation? Hence, here is everything you need to know about it.

Beelzebub originated as a famous manga series written and illustrated by Ryuhei Tamura. The manga began serialization back in July 2009 and released for a total of 28 volumes until May 2015. Seeing the potential in its story, Pierrot+ picked up the series for an anime adaptation. The television anime debuted on Japanese television in January 2011 and continued for sixty episodes until March 2012. Ever since, fans are still waiting for the renewal of a sequel.

Beelzebub Season 2: Renewal Updates

After a decade of its original release, the anime is yet to return to the screens again. Despite heavy demands, Pierrot+ has not planned to produce a second season. Well, one of the main reasons behind the same is its storyline. The studio has already wrapped up the story of the entire series in the first installment. While the first 59 episodes followed their source material, the last one retracted from the manga. It gave an original ending to the anime’s plot.

Beelzebub Season 2

This suggests that the studio wasn’t intending to continue the story in the future despite having more source material. Well, in an unlikely scenario, if Pierrot+ actually renews Beelzebub Season 2, it will have to create original content after Season 1’s finale. However, the later episodes might adapt further manga volumes as well.

Is There Any Hope For The Sequel?

Animation studios rarely renew sequels after ten years. However, reboot anime series are not uncommon. In fact, recently, studios have revived several older anime, including famous names such as Sailor Moon Crystal and Fruits Basket. Hence, as long as there is a demand for a certain anime, there is still hope for its return. As of now, fans should sign as many online petitions as possible and support Beelzebub Season 2 on social media. We will update this article with relevant information as we get it.

When Will Beelzebub Season 2 Release?

As of now, Studio Pierrot+ has no plans to renew the anime’s second season. If the creators decide on a reboot series, it might take longer in productions as compared to Beelzebub Season 2. At the earliest, the sequel might hit the screens by late 2021 or early 2022. However, the reboot series can take as long as 2023 or 2024 to debut. Keep an eye on this section for all future updates.

Do you want another season of the anime? What are your expectations from Beelzebub Season 2? Please share with us in the comments below.

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