Akiba’s Trip Season 2: Will The Anime Return? Everything To Know

It has been more than three years since the fans last saw Akiba’s Trip, and now they are eagerly waiting for the release of Akiba’s Trip Season 2. The debut season of the anime has impressed the viewers but failed to get the same response from the critics as well. But the fans are still waiting to get an update from the creators. So will they see its second season? Keep reading to know.

Akiba’s Trip is a Japanese action-comedy anime series. It is an anime adaptation of the video game of the same name. The game is quite popular, and only because of its popularity, Gonzo studio adapted it into an anime series. The viewers first saw this anime on January 4, 2017. It ran for thirteen episodes, which ended on March 29, 2017. Ever since then, its fans are waiting for the second installment of the anime. 

Akiba's Trip Season 2

Akiba’s Trip Season 2: Renewal Status

Gonzo Studios produced the debut season of the anime series. The studio is quite popular, but they haven’t updated anything about the fate of the anime. The creators of its video game are also pretty tight-lipped in giving out the details. Gonzo Studios neither renewed nor canceled Akiba’s Trip season 2.

Therefore, the fans still hopeful that the anime series will return sooner or later. The ratings of the initial season of the anime series weren’t that good. And that is probably the main reason why the makers haven’t renewed the show for its second season. But since its demand is great, there are still some chances. 

Akiba's Trip Season 2

Will The Anime Ever Return?

As we mentioned above, the anime follows the plot of the video game of the same name. The makers already adopted most of the storyline of its video into a full-fledged anime series. Since, unlike other shows, it is not based on any manga or the LN series. Therefore, it is hard to find source material for its plot. The debut season of the anime ended without any cliffhanger. It didn’t leave any loose threads for its following installment.

The title of its initial season’s finale was “Akiba’s Last Trip.” So it seems like it came as a limited series. Some fans created a petition for the renewal of Akiba’s Trip Season 2, but it didn’t have any effect on its creators. Currently, the makers don’t have any reason to make another season of the anime series. So, it seems like the fans will not be able to see the second season of Akiba’s Trip.