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BEM Season 2: Will The Second Reboot Get A Sequel? Release Date & More

People who like to watch a detective anime that also gives a few gothic feels will certainly become a fan of BEM. Its first season came out two years ago and developed a lot of fans with its thrilling and goofy content. Now, they are demanding to watch BEM Season 2. They want to see more of the bleak action scenes and this time with a proper budget. So, will the anime manage to return and hit the screens again? Here is everything to know. 

BEM is a Japanese supernatural horror adventure anime TV series. The first season of the anime ran from July 15, 2019, to October 14 of the same year and had a total of 12 episodes. It is the second reboot of an anime series titled Humanoid Monster BEM that came out in 1968. Moreover, its first reboot premiered in 2006. Both these initial installments ran for a total of 26 episodes, unlike the second reboot. 

BEM Season 2

BEM Season 2: Renewal Status

The fans had pretty high expectations from the second reboot of this supernatural drama. However, it wasn’t able to fulfill all of them. The main issue that was noticed by everyone was the lack of budget. Its action sequences were choreographed pretty well, but its animation was sloppy. Also, the series that started as a supernatural action thriller became a goofy comedy. As a result, the show only got a score of 6.04 on MyAnimeList. However, it has a decent fan following and has more than 58K members in its group on the same platform.

Last year, a movie titled BEM: Become Human also came out to continue the storyline of the TV series. It was a bit better, but it also failed to leave its mark on the viewers. Therefore, now BEM Season 2 might face several troubles in getting a renewal. Upon comparing them, the previous two versions of the story had 26 episodes, and this one had 12 episodes and a movie. The movie filled the gaps of the remaining episodes. Hence, now it is very unlikely that the production company will give the green light to further installments of BEM.

BEM Season 2

What’s The Show About? 

The story of BEM revolves around a young detective named Sonia Summers and three demons Bem, Bela, and Belo. Sonia was involved in some trouble with her seniors, and hence she was transferred to the outskirts of Libra. This city is divided into two parts. The first one is the “Upper,” which is the center of politics and wealthy people. On the other hand, the second part is “Outside,” which is full of crime and corruption. Every case Sonia looked at involve three mysterious characters.

Soon, she crossed paths with Bem, Bera, and Bero. However, the three of them actually fight against evils and protect humans. They were excluded by their kinds of living like humans. Despite all the challenges, these three continue to live among humans so that one day they can become human as well.  

BEM Season 2

BEM Season 2: Release Date

At this point, it is quite difficult to tell the premiere date of the sequel. The movie ended on a conclusive note, and the reception is also hinting that it won’t receive another run. However, in case the studio decides to give this show another show, BEM Season 2 might not release anytime before the end of 2022. We will update this section accordingly.