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Black Clover Chapter 301: Manga On A Break! New Release Date & Plot

Black Clover is certainly one of the most interesting ongoing manga series right now. Last week, it achieved a milestone by publishing a total of 300 chapters. Fans had already expected this chapter to feature something big, and that happened. It ended with Asta reuniting with Noelle and saving Lolopechka. Now, Black Clover Chapter 301 will feature a full-fledged reunion between the squadmates.

However, Megicula is still standing strong, and she is one of the biggest threats in the castle. Therefore, the magic knights have to defeat her in any condition. It will be pretty difficult for them, but since now that Asta is here, they will likely pull it off. So, when will the new chapter of BC surface online? Here are all the latest details. 

Black Clover Chapter 301

Black Clover Chapter 301: Plot Details

The forthcoming chapter of the manga series will likely begin with Noelle telling the entire story about Lolopechka to Asta. It will make Asta angry, and then both of them will team up to fight Megicula. The latter is a pretty strong devil, and when she learns about Liebe, she might try to make him her puppet as well, just like she did with Lolopechka. 

Black Clover Chapter 301 will feature other magic knights too. Fans have been waiting to see everyone else for the past few weeks. Now, it will likely happen in the forthcoming edition of the manga. Both Asta and Noelle are running out of Devil union mode and saint power, respectively. Therefore, they will likely fight Megicula in their base form and might receive backup from their comrades too. 

Black Clover Chapter 301

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 300th chapter of BC, the viewers saw Megicula praising Gaja and telling him that he is stronger than she expected. But she revealed that her body is coated with a super-high-speed regeneration curse, and that’s why no one is able to defeat her. After that, she told Noelle to give up as she can not defeat her in her current state. But Noelle refused to give up and replied that the human’s greatest power is to never give up, and the devils will never understand it.

As a result, Megicula decided to blow Lolopechka up with her curse warding magic. However, Asta stepped up in the nick of time and removed Megicula’s curse from Lolopechka.

Black Clover Chapter 301

Black Clover Chapter 301: Release Date

The manga series is on a break this week due to the Tokyo Olympics. As a result, there is no new chapter of BC for fans. But they don’t have to worry as it will return to its regular schedule from next week. Black Clover Chapter 301 will release on Sunday, August 1, 2021. It will be available to read online on Viz Media and Shueisha’s MangaPlus.

Will Noelle and Asta be able to defeat Megicula? What are your thoughts on Asta’s curse removing powers? Let us know in the comment box. Keep coming back to The Anime Daily for all the latest anime and manga updates.