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Black Clover Chapter 304: Noelle Confesses To Asta! Plot & Release Date

The Black Clover anime just concluded one of its most crucial arcs in the previous episode. Since the beginning of the manga, the conflict between the Silva Siblings and Megicula was raising tensions in the spade kingdom. But in the last chapter, Megicula finally faced her fate, and the siblings got their revenge. Now, Black Clover Chapter 304 will land back to the primary storyline dealing with Asta. In the previous episode, Noelle decided to confess her love to Asta. Will this love ever commence? Here is all you need to know about the new outing.

In the upcoming episode of Black Clover, fans will finally get to see a lighter tone in the storyline. After Megicula’s death, Noelle and Nozel have finally freed themselves of the burden of revenge. Since Nozel’s birth, it was Noelle’s promise to his late mother that he will avenge her murder. This arc saw a conclusion in the former chapter with Megicula’s end. Now, both Nozel and Noelle can focus on other aspects of their lives.

Black Clover Chapter 304
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Black Clover Chapter 304: Plot Details

The title of Black Clover Chapter 304 is “Glad Tidings.” The new chapter will look into the aftermath of the end of Megicula. After the heart-rending end pay-off that the Silva Siblings got, the story will return back to Asta and Noelle. The battle between Zenon and Yuno is still pending. The mystery of the Dark Triad that has been lingering around a long time will finally be addressed in the upcoming chapter.

The latest plot details suggest that the new chapter will begin with the flashback sequence of the Silva siblings. Nozel and Noelle will look back at all the good moments that they shared with their mother. Later, Noelle will head towards Asta to confess her feelings to him. But Asta is currently fixated on the battle between Yuno and Zenon.

Black Clover Chapter 304
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Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 303rd chapter of Black Clover, fans saw Nozel finally recalling the moments when he lost his mother. It was the curse by Megicula that killed his mother. He also realizes that no one would believe if he told that the curse is still upon him. The chapter then delves into narrating the life story of Nozel. He swore very early in life that he will be the end of Megicula because Nebra and Solid would never be able to get the job done.

Nozel looked back at how he joined the Silver Eagle squad and became the captain within months. Cut to the present, Nozel got his cathartic moment when he released all his anger and anguish upon Megicula. But mercury entered her body, and Megicula eventually faded away. With her death, the curse upon Nozel’s mother lifted. So, her spirit left for the heavens after hugging her children.

Black Clover Chapter 304
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Black Clover Chapter 304: Release Date

Asta and Noelle might finally get together in the next chapter. Will this love last in the near future? So, Black Clover Chapter 304 will release this Sunday on August 29, 2021. All the latest chapters of the Black Clover manga are available on the official website of Viz Media and Shueisha’s MangaPlus app. 

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