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My Hero Academia Chapter 324: Deku Leaves UA High! Release Date

The current arc of the My Hero Academia manga has many fans talking. The heart-rending story of Deku’s banishment from the hero community is catching many eyeballs. Even the fans are wondering if the protagonist will ever become the greatest hero in the world. My Hero Academia Chapter 324 will answer all the questions. In the previous chapter, Ochako Ururaka was almost successful in convincing the mob against a protest. But is it safe for Deku to leave the school? Are the civilians truly convinced? Here is all you need to know about the new MHA chapter.

In the upcoming chapter, Ochako will continue to talk with the mob of civilians that has gathered outside the school premises. In the meantime, Deku will clean up his gear and get ready to leave for a safehouse. Moreover, fans can also expect to see an emotional farewell between Ochako and Deku as he will leave UA High for the time being.

My Hero Academia Chapter 324
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My Hero Academia Chapter 324: Plot Details

The title of My Hero Academia Chapter 324 is “A Teenager’s Request.” The title clearly hints towards Ochako’s speech that eventually neutralized the mob that was protesting against Deku. The next chapter of MHA will continue with Ururaka’s speech. The little girl will communicate with the mob telling them that Deku has always tried to save and protect the common people. One of the men in the crowd will ask Ochako what they can do to offer help.

To this, she will reply that they only request time and patience from the civilians. Deku will get emotional watching all this through the telescreen. He will recall all the good times that he spent with Ochako. Moreover, she will also insist on Deku to stay in the academy and finish his studies. The chapter will end with a narration from the older Deku that will state that “this is the story of how I became the greatest superhero of all time.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 324

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 323rd chapter of MHA, all the students of the UA High met Principal Nezu to talk about the security arrangements of the campus. To this, Nezu replied that Deku must be their first priority to save in case of a collapse. The Principal revealed that their school was redesigned with one of the strongest defense systems in the world. After the attack by Shigaraki last year, the tech has been upgraded even more. But the people were still protesting at the gates of the campus.

Best Jeanist also tried to talk to the people. But his words enraged the civilians even more. Watching all this, Ochako Ururaka climbed to the school’s building and started to address the people. She announced that Deku possesses a power that can kill All For One. She also asked the people to cooperate with the heroes so that they can safely take Deku somewhere else. In My Hero Academia Chapter 324, Deku might be able to safely make a move outside the campus.

My Hero Academia Chapter 324
Source: Viz Media

My Hero Academia Chapter 324: Release Date

The newest edition of MHA manga is all set to amaze the fans with its amazing action. So, how will Deku become the greatest superhero in the world? My Hero Academia Chapter 324 will release this Sunday on August 29, 2021. All the latest chapters of the manga will release on the official website of Viz Media and other MangaPlus platforms.