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My Hero Academia Chapter 323: Can Deku Escape? Release Date & Plot

After a week-long hiatus, My Hero Academia Chapter 323 is finally returning. The previous chapter takes the story to an intense point. Deku is not only losing his might, but he is also losing his willpower to fight his own classmates. Moreover, he wanted to join back the school. But doing so would cause havoc in the town. So, will Deku ever be a part of UA High again? How will he clean his image as Kid? Here is all you need to know about the new MHA chapter.

The next chapter of the series will touch upon the fight between Deku and his classmates. The students of UA High will stop Deku from leaving the school. But Izuku is reluctant to leave the academy since his presence in the school would be a threat to the other students. Fans can also expect to see a rift in the hero community after the AFO attack. Hence, the upcoming edition is prepped to set the stage for an intense storyline.

My Hero Academia Chapter 323

My Hero Academia Chapter 323: Plot Details

The title of My Hero Academia Chapter 323 is “Step One.” The official plot details of the chapter are already out, and fans are all set for an action-packed edition. The chapter will begin with a flashback sequence where students go to confront the principal before Deku’s arrival. The students will discuss the flaws in the UA Barrier technology with their principal. Later on, the scene will cut to the present, where protesters will gather outside the campus to get hold of Deku.

Ochako Uraraka will then try to talk to the people. She will try to dictate Deku’s innocence in the situation. However, the crowd seems reluctant to get him out of the campus. The chapter will end with Nezu dictating that building a hero as good as All Might is only a dream. Lastly, Uraraka’s scream will close the chapter with the announcement of incoming danger.

My Hero Academia Chapter 323

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 322nd chapter of MHA was a heavy edition in terms of battles between the classmates. Deku’s presence in the UA High academy was hurting many civilians. The class was also divided on whether to keep their classmate or to let him go. Kirishima did his best to convince his classmates. Watching this, Tenya Iida felt proud that his classmates are depicting a sense of unity. Moreover, the chapter ended with Bakugo confronting Deku about their past. The former also apologized for bullying him in the past.

My Hero Academia Chapter 323

My Hero Academia Chapter 323: Release Date

Deku is still coping up with the shock of the resistance while his class is still divided. The aftermath of the protest might bring chaos. So, My Hero Academia Chapter 323 will release this Sunday on August 22, 2021. The chapter will release on the official website of Viz Media and other MangaPlus Apps.

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