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Black Clover Season 4: Set For A Toonami Release! See Premiere Date

Is Black Clover Season 4 coming to Toonami? It’s good news for the English-speaking viewers of the Black Clover anime. We know that the Black Clover manga was currently on a hiatus. But its anime adaptation is also facing trouble to find a release window. The show was renewed as a part of shonen’s ‘Big Three’ project that includes One Piece, Black Clover, and Boruto. But it looks like Black Clover couldn’t keep up.

But for the western audiences, the show is finally returning with Season 4. And the credit goes to Toonami! Recently, Toonami took to its Facebook page to announce the return of Black Clover Season 4. When is the show releasing? What’s the reason for the delay? Let’s look for answers.

Black Clover Season 4: Coming To Toonami

The news broke out through the official Facebook page of the Toonami channel. The announcement states that Black Clover season 4 will be debuting on Toonami as a part of its programming block. The time slot on which season 4 will premiere, earlier aired Black Clover season 3. Hence, the story will resume with the fourth and final season. Toonami now has a tight schedule to follow this summer. Check out the schedule here:

Black Clover Season 4

Season 4 Plot Details

The fourth season of Black Clover will follow the storyline of the 24th volume of Yuki Tabata’s original works. The plot will start with the spirit guardians of the Heart Kingdom, who are training with the Magic Spirit Knights Captains. All the members have been chosen, and the only part remaining is to train relentlessly. The season will kick-start with the 155th episode- “The 5 Spirit Guardians.” Unlike the previous seasons, this one only includes 16 episodes from 155-170.

Black Clover Season 4

Black Clover Season 4: Release Date

The fourth edition of the Black Clover anime is also its final one. Even though a large portion of the manga is still left as source material, the makers want to opt-out of creating any more seasons. The fourth season will resume airing from June 19, 2021, at 2:00 AM EST. Moreover, the buzz around a new feature film was also evident a few days back. But we will have to wait by the end of this year to get a confirmation.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to classic shows, especially when you have grown up watching them. We have no choice but to enjoy the remaining episodes of Black Clover on Toonami. Please share your thoughts about the latest season of the popular anime in the comment section. For more updates on the anime world, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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