Bloodivores Season 2: Will The Anime Ever Return? [Latest Updates]

When Bloodivores first aired in 2016, it made quite a buzz, and ever since then, everyone’s asking whether there will be Bloodivores Season 2 or not. Back then, there were also some rumors that the second season would premiere by the end of 2017. However, it never appeared, and we didn’t hear anything from the creators as well. So, will the fans ever be going to see its second season? Here’s everything to know.

Bloodivores Season 2: Renewed?

Bloodivores is a Japanese supernatural fantasy anime series. It is an adaptation of the manga titled Time Prisoners. The anime of the series began airing from October 1, 2016. It consists of twelve episodes, and the last episode ended with a cliffhanger, which makes everyone believe that it will return for a second season. However, the thing is that the creators never renewed it for the second season in the first place. They didn’t cancel it either.

Bloodivores Season 2

Another thing is the anime series didn’t manage to impress the critics. It received a mixed response from the experts as well as the viewers. Therefore, the creators decided to hold Bloodivores Season 2. The characters and the fight sequences in the debut season were brilliant, but the plot was a little shaky. Many viewers didn’t like the cliffhanger ending as they concluded the anime without completing the arc. 

Since there is a lot left to tell in the story, hence there’s still a hope that it might return for Bloodivores Season 2. The fans of this anime are curiously waiting to see what will happen next in the anime. The makers even have enough source material for the following installment. So the chances are 50-50 for the next season to happen. If the second season is still in the cards, the creators will announce it soon. 

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