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Blue Lock Anime Confirms 2022 Release Date! Plot & Production Status

With several anime series leaving the screens in September, fans are looking forward to watching newer shows. The most anticipated of them all is the Blue Lock Anime Adaptation. The famous soccer story that hit the world in 2018 is now ready to debut on the screens. That’s right, Studio 8-Bit is currently working on the much-awaited anime adaptation. Moreover, the anime also has a tentative release schedule. So, here is an in-detail update on the project for you.

Blue Lock is one of the most loved soccer anime series of Japan. Kaneshiro and Nomura’s soccer manga first came out in 2018. Since then, fans have been demanding the anime adaptation of the franchise. Now, that dream is finally taking shape. What is the production status? How many episodes will be there in the show? Let’s find out.

Blue Lock Anime

Blue Lock Soccer Anime: Plot Details & Trailer 

The Blue Lock anime is all set to follow the exact premise as the manga counterpart. So, the plot revolves around the loss of the Japanese team, which is going through a tough time after losing in the preliminary rounds. However, the Sports Academy is not willing to give up on the team so soon. Thus, the Japan Football Union launches an open hunt for players from across the country. More than three hundred players are shortlisted amongst them.

This is the first step towards becoming the number one team in the World Championship. From forming the club to building the team spirit, the entire story builds around the idea of the perfect crew. So, will these boys improve the winning streak of Japan? The trailer clip of Blue Lock brilliantly sums up the premise of the series. Fans are also praising the art style and animation by Studio 8-Bit.

Cast & Crew Updates!

The cast of Blue Lock anime includes popular anime voice Tasuku Kaito in the lead role of Meguru Bachira. Along with him, Kazuki Ura is playing the role of Yoichi Isagi. Moreover, Rensuke Kunigami will be voicing the character of Yūki Ono. Lastly, Sōma Saitō will be lending his voice to the character of Hyōma Chigiri. Along with this diverse cast, the staff of the Soccer Anime has some excellent names on the list. This includes Tetsuaki Watanabe as the director of the series.

Besides him, Shunsuke will be working as the assistant director. Additionally, Yutaka Uemura, who is known for his contributions to Saga of Tanya The Evil anime series, is the concept director of the show. Taku Kishimoto is the scriptwriter of the anime. Lastly, the animation team of Studio 8-Bit will be working laterally with this team.

Blue Lock Anime

Blue Lock Soccer Anime: Release Date

There has been no official release date of the anime adaptation for the time being. However, the makers have clarified that the Blue Lock anime adaptation is not very far from the release date. The official release schedule of the series lands in the 2022 slate. Judging by the early announcement of the project, it can be said that the anime adaptation would release in the Summer 2022 slate. Keep an eye on The Anime Daily for more latest updates.

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