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Blue Lock Manga Goes On Hiatus: Chapter 149 On A Break! Release Date & Plot

The latest chapter of the Blue Lock Manga was supposed to release this week in the Weekly Shonen Magazine. Even the cover of the magazine depicted the poster of the new outing. However, there was no chapter inside of the text. As a result, fans began to storm the internet with messages of confusion. A few hours later, mangaka Muneyuki Kaneshiro took to his Twitter account to update fans about the news. So, is the manga going on a hiatus? When is the new chapter coming out? Here is all you need to know.

Blue Lock Chapter 149 will release shortly, as said by author Muneyuki. In the next outing, Isagi and Rin will await the results of the team selection. After preparing the best career charts with the highest winning streaks, both of them are expecting to get enrolled in the team. It will be worth watching if both of them qualify for the first round.

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Blue Lock Manga: Reason For Delay!

Yesterday, the author of the Blue Lock manga interacted with his fans through his official Twitter account. The artist shared the news that his partner, the illustrator of the manga, Yusuke Nomura, was on leave for a few days. He revealed that the artist was unwell and that his health was in a critical state. As a result, the manga will be on hiatus next week. The mangaka noted that Yusuke had already drawn the cover of the Weekly Shonen Magazine. Besides, the covers say that the new chapter is included in the magazine due to the prior printing schedules.

However, the Blue Lock Chapter 149 will not be there in the magazine. He was talking about the 48th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. The issue was due this weekend. But, it would not contain the latest chapter of the Blue Lock Manga. The artist has also mentioned the release date of the next chapter.

Plot Details!

The title of the upcoming chapter of Blue Lock is “Complete.” According to the ongoing events in the manga, Blue Lock Chapter 149 will cover Isagi and Rin’s arc at the Japan U-20 team. Both the soccer players have enrolled for the team selection with high hopes. However, there is a long time before the final list of the short-listed candidates is released. Thus, until then, the two boys would continue to perfect their game for the next round of the selection process.

The next chapter is likely to display the final list of the selected candidates by the Japan Football Corporation. Both Isagi and Rin would be nervous before downloading the final list. The selected candidates will not only get a chance to prove themselves on the world stage, but it would also be a revival for the Japanese football team. It is most likely that Rin and Isagi will qualify in the first round. Then they would receive a call letter to participate in the second training round for the Japan U-20.

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Blue Lock Manga: New Release Date

Author Muneyuki Kaneshiro revealed through his Twitter account that the hiatus might last longer than a week. However, he did not reveal much about the severity of his health. The author said that fans could expect the new chapter of Blue Lock Manga to release in the 48th issue of the Weekly Shonen Magazine. This means that Blue Lock Chapter 149 will release on October 27, 2021. In case of a further delay, we will be sure to update you with the same. Keep an eye on this corner for more.