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Blue Period Episode 10: Day At The Beach! Release Date & Plot

Blue Period Episode 10 is all set to change Yatora’s entire arc in the story. From the beginning, the story has been more about the personal struggles of the protagonist than that of the art. So far, Yatora is beginning to learn more about himself and his personal inclinations. The passing of the first art exam gave him the much-need confidence in life. Now, he and Ryuji are going to go on a life-changing trip. Here is all you need to know about the latest episode.

In the next episode, Yatora and Ryuji are going to spend a leisurely day at the beach. Ryuji’s purpose of going there is to drown himself. However, Yatora is going to make sure that he enjoys the time that he spends with him. The chapter will also touch upon Yatora’s personal findings.

Blue Period Episode 10: Plot Details!

The upcoming episode of Blue Period is titled “Our Blue.” The upcoming episode of Blue Period is going to take the story to a new arena. Ryuji had mentioned that he was going to the beach in order to drown himself. As a result, Yatora also joined him in order to give him good company and also lift up his spirit. So, Blue Period Episode 10 is going to take a trip to the beach as both the boys go on a journey to find themselves.

Yatora’s hunt to find his own color in the world of art. As suggested by the title, Yatora is likely to find his own blue on the beach. The episode will also touch upon Ryuji’s personal arc. It is most likely that Yatora will try to bring back his friend’s interest in art. The episode is expected to conclude with an end to this beautiful journey.

Previous Episode Recap!

In last week’s episode of Blue Period, Yatora and his friends went back to the cram school after getting the results. Mrs. Ooma congratulated the students and motivated them for the future. She explained to Yatora that he needed to experiment with colors and find the right balance in his art. Later, he went to the art store to buy some new colors. To his surprise, Ryuji was also in the store. He told Yatora that he was quitting the art field as nothing was working in his favor. At first, Yatora judged him for quitting so fast.

But later, he realized that he could not judge someone for their personal life choices. Afterward, Kuwana told Yatora that Ryuji had purposefully failed his entrance exam. Hearing this, Yatora immediately called Ryuji and asked him about the same. But Ryuji refused to open up. By the end of the chapter, Yatora got on the same train as Ryuji to visit the beach.

Blue Period Episode 10: Release Date

Yatora does not know if why Ryuji has boarded the train with him. Even in the past, Ryuji has behaved strangely with him. Will this trip solve all the mysteries for the Yatora? Blue Period Episode 10 is scheduled to release this Friday on November 26, 2021. Fans can watch all the episodes of the popular art show only on Funimation. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.

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