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Sakugan Episode 8: Memories & Regrets! Release Date & Plot

In a matter of seven episodes, Sakugan has been able to garner a loyal base of fans. There are people who religiously watch and discuss new episodes each week. In the story so far, Memenpu, Gagumber, Zackletu, and Yuri have formed a strong team called Team Memenpu. However, this team’s journey has been proving to be full of obstacles. The forest is filled with intoxicated pollen, which is causing new reactions for the team. In Sakugan Episode 8, Memenpu will come up with a solution to this strange trouble. Here is all you need to know about the next outing.

The next episode is going to look into the mystery behind Memenpu’s nightmares. In each dream, she has been sighting the death of her father. With such danger lurking over their heads, it is upon the little girl to safeguard her father and her team. How will the little girl carry everything on her shoulders? The next outing will give away all the answers.

Sakugan Episode 8

Sakugan Episode 8: Plot Details!

The title of the next episode of Sakugan is “Memories And Regrets.” The episode is going to take a follow-up on Memenpu’s recurring dreams. In a single episode, she had the same nightmare three times. For the first two times, she brushed it off as a bad dream. However, she could not ignore the realism for the third time. In all the nightmares, she saw immense violence. Each time, she woke up with the feeling of losing Gagumber.

Sakugan Episode 8 is going to delve into the mystery behind these visions. The little girl has never had such nightmares in the past. Thus, it is something that she will pay heed to. Thus, in their upcoming adventures, Memenpu is going to keep an eye on her father. Also, as suggested by the title, the episode may also deal with a heart-rending scene between the father-daughter duo.

Sakugan Episode 8

Previous Episode Recap!

The seventh episode of Sakugan began with Memenpu having a nightmare about Gagumber’s death. After traveling a considerable distance, the team took a break. However, they find that the pollen of the forest was intoxicated with a heady substance. As a result, they all started to act strange. Thus, they all decided to wear masks until the pollen was gone. The next day, Memenpu had the same dream. Afterward, Memenpu found that a certain cactus can wear the effects of the pollen grain.

When she tried it upon her teammates, the conditions worsened, and Zackletu ended up choking. He was given loads of water that reversed the effects of the cactus. Once again that night, Memenpu had the same dream. This time, she also heard a little baby crying in the background. By the end of the episode, Memenpu woke up with a dizzy head. She was worried about her recurring dreams.

Sakugan Episode 8

Sakugan Episode 8: Release Date

Fans are wondering if there is a deeper meaning to Memenpu’s dreams. If her nightmare ever comes true, that would be the most heart-breaking twist in the story. What is the mystery behind Memenpu’s visions? Is this a premonition? So, Sakugan Episode 8 is scheduled to release this Thursday on November 25, 2021. The episode will be available on Crunchyroll. For more updates on the same, stay tuned with The Anime Daily.

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