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Boruto Chapter 59: Ada’s Knights! Release Date & Everything To Know

The title of Boruto Chapter 59 is “Knights.” After some really intense and unbelievable battles, the pace of this manga series is slowed down a little. Currently, it is building up for the next big fight against the new leader of the Kara organization, Code. Kawaki and his friends are training to get stronger so that they can defeat Code, Ada, and their companions.

However, there is bad news for the fans who have been waiting to see more of Boruto and Naruto in the next chapter. The forthcoming chapter will not feature any of Sarada, Boruto, Naruto, Sasuke, or Mitsuki. Instead, they will get to see a new character in return. The next chapter will introduce Daemon, who is the biological brother of Ada. So, when is the new Boruto chapter coming out? Here are all the latest details. 

Boruto Chapter 59

Boruto Chapter 59: Plot Details!

The 59th chapter of the manga series begins with a flashback of Kawaki and Code. They sparred with each other once before. Code was choking tiny Kawaki in jealousy. Moreover, he also tells Kawaki that he hates him because Ishhiki chose him as his vessel. In the present, Amado talks about Ishhiki with Kawaki, and that makes him angry. He says that Kawaki subconsciously wants more power. Besides, Amado also thinks that if Code and Naruto have to fight one on one right now, then Naruto will die. 

Boruto Chapter 59

Boruto Chapter 59 will feature Code and Ada discussing their next target. Code reveals to her that he is not going to attack Kawai, but he is targeting Naruto instead. Since Ada can not fight, she decides to become eyes and ears for Code as he serves as her Knight and protects her. On the other hand, Amado offers to make a new Karma seal for Kawaki. However, Sumire is not sure about this. Later, Code sends a cyborg named Daemon to the headquarters of Boro. Suddenly the guards arrive, Code wants to step in, but Ada stops her. Daemon quickly kills all the guards even before they can react. Ada reveals to Code that her brother Daemon is her second Knight. 

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the previous chapter, Boruto told Kawaki and others that there is no risk in taking the medicals. Kawaki asked him if he doesn’t want to infuse his Karam into Code’s body. Hence, Boruto says they are still on it as there is no other choice for them. Later after an argument, Kawaki and Boruto spar with each other on the condition that the loser has to follow the winner’s plan. After an intense battle, Boruto finally managed to secure the win. 

Boruto Chapter 59

Boruto Chapter 59: Release Date

Only a few more days, and then fans will finally get their hands on the new chapter of the manga series. Boruto Chapter 59 is all set to release on Sunday, June 20, 2019. The latest chapter will be available to read online on Viz Media’s website and Shueisha’s MangaPlus app. Also, check out the details about Boruto Episode 204, if you also watch the anime counterpart on The Anime Daily.

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