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Boruto Episode 220: Naruto To Seal Boruto! Release Date & Plot Details

This weekend might be a little too heart-rending for some Boruto Naruto Next Generations fans. For the past three weeks, fans have been seeing all the characters, including Boruto, Kawaki, and Naruto, in epic action. Now, it is time to sync in with the silence and ponder upon the future of these two ninja boys. Boruto still holds Momoshiki within his body. In Boruto Episode 220, Naruto will convince him to participate in the last fight in order to take out the alien inner. Can he do it? Let’s find out.

The next episode will look into a heavy conversation between a father and a son. After the battles with Isshiki and Boro, Naruto has realized that both his sons are no longer naive children. Hence, he is ready to nurture them with responsibilities. One of the first steps in this direction will be Boruto’s fight with his own father. However, it will be more difficult for Naruto to hurt his own son in the process.

Boruto Episode 220

Boruto Episode 220: Plot Details

The upcoming episode of Boruto Naruto Next Generations is titled “Remaining Time.” The forthcoming episode is likely, to begin with, the Lord Seventh discussing the dangers of keeping Boruto around in the Leaf Village. After Momshiki made him his vessel in the battle against Isshiki, his body has united with the Otsutsuki. Now, in order to terminate the alien force, Lord Seventh will have to battle his own son. The popular belief suggests that during this battle, Momoshiki will reappear within Boruto.

This way, he will save both himself and the young boy. Later, Boruto will go on to live a secluded life outside of Konoha. Before that, Boruto Episode 220 will showcase a heartfelt conversation between Boruto and his father. Naruto will explain to him that the battle is important in order to destroy the Otsutsuki within him. The episode will end with Boruto agreeing to perform his duties for the sake of the common people.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 219th episode of the popular anime, the team was met with the new conflict of escaping the parallel dimension created by Boruto. The episode begins with Shikamaru learning that Code is a bigger threat than Isshiki. Isshiki fell because he had no compatible vessel to leverage his powers. However, in the case of Code, he is both the vessel and the inner of the Otsutsuki soul. Naruto realized after the battle that his sons are now grown-ups. Thus, he decided to tell them about Code and his powers.

Later, when they got back home using the reverse chakra, Boruto and Kawaki discussed Momoshiki’s fusion into Boruto. The boy confessed that more than eighty percent of Momoshiki’s boats are within him after the fusion. Later, the media mobbed Lord Seventh’s house to ask him about the defeat of Isshiki. The episode ended with Code learning about Isshiki’s death through his soul.

Boruto Episode 220

Boruto Episode 220: Release Date

The upcoming weekend is going to be action-packed. After Isshiki, Lord Seventh’s next target is going to be Code. What does the next arc of BNNG hold in store? Boruto Episode 220 will release this Sunday on October 17, 2021. All episodes of the sequel series are available on Crunchyroll. Keep an eye on this corner for more updates.

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