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One Piece Episode 996 Delayed: Luffy’s All-Out War Begins! Release Date

This week, both the anime and manga counterparts of One Piece will be on a week-long hiatus. While the manga will be on one of the routine quality breaks, the hiatus for the episode is unexplained. One Piece Episode 996 is going to be its most decisive edition so far. The war is on the brink of its conclusion as all the pawns, rooks, and bishops are uncovering their masks. Luffy has finally come up the front of Kaido, and so is Yamato. But can they win this war with such fewer forces? Here is all you need to know about the episode.

The ongoing war in Onigashima is about to explode into a massive outbreak of bloodshed and killings. Yamato and Luffy have come to save Momonosuke at the square. Yamato will instruct Luffy to untie Momo, and she will attack her father. It will be most interesting to see which side the people of Wano will choose now that everyone is in the same arena.

One Piece Episode 996

One Piece Episode 996: Plot Details & Preview

The next episode of One Piece is titled “Onigashima in Tumult! Luffy’s All-Out War Begins!.” The upcoming episode will reveal Luffy’s presence to the entire crowd of Onigashima. Kaido was not aware that the Straw Hats and Yamato had entered the city even after the siege formations. Thus, he will be shocked to see the new arrivals. He will be most enraged to see his daughter back in the city. Now, Luffy will go one to untie Momonosuke from the stage, and Yamato will go for her father.

Besides, the next episode will also feature Big Mom’s fight with the Akazaya Nine. The warriors are now joined by Marco to rally towards the evil Pirate King. If she gets all the powers of the Pirate King, then even Kaido might not be able to get hold of the powers. Thus, the Nine samurais will try to stop her from getting there. Lastly, the preview of One Piece Episode 996 suggests a heart-rending moment between Nami and Zeus.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 995th outing, Momonosuke recalled all the teachings that his father had once given to him. He remembers how Oden had sacrificed himself for the sake of Wano. He thought that his execution would also set the same deterrent as his father. But deep down, he did feel scared of the beheading ritual. On the other hand, Big Mom got hold of the whip, which ultimately marked as the new Pirate King of the seas. Here, the Akazaya Nine continued to convince Marco to join them in the quest.

He was convinced, and they all rallied to the main square of the city. Just when Kaido was about to swing the sword over Momonosuke, a huge blast fumed the entire area. Neither the civilians nor Kaido could see anything. Luffy and Yamato heroically emerged from the smoke and gave a comforting grin to Momo.

one piece episode 996

One Piece Episode 996: Release Date

One Piece Episode 996 is underway, and fans are getting excited to see Kaido’s fate after the Akazaya Nine arrive at the square. The latest episode of One Piece will not hit the screens this week. After a week-long hiatus, the episode will release on October 24, 2021. All episodes of the anime are available on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, and AnimeLab. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.

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