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One Piece Episode 995: Luffy And Big Mom Collide! Plot & Release Date

Much like its manga counterpart, the One Piece anime is also in the midst of a very crucial arc. Each week, fans are struck with many questions about the upcoming plot. In the previous episode, the Akazaya Nine faced the traitor member of their team Kanjuro. Kiku was the one who fought Kanjuro in combat. As he killed Kanjuro with teary eyes, his brother appreciated the bravery. In One Piece Episode 995, the Akazaya Nine would proceed to save Momo from the execution. So, can they get there on time? Here is everything to know about the episode.

In the next episode, Luffy and Yamato will try to black Big Mom from getting her hands on the One Piece treasure. Thus, this will not only stop Kaido from becoming the pirate King but also prevent the merger of the Flower Capital into Onigashima. It will be interesting to see how all these parallel fights conclude in the incoming outing.

One Piece Episode 995

One Piece Episode 995: Plot Details & Preview

The next episode of One Piece is titled “Raid! Inheriting Oden’s Will.” The upcoming episode will commence the public execution of Momonosuke. The preview of the episode suggests that after eliminating Kanjuro, the traitor, the Akazaya Nine, would proceed to the public square to stop the execution of the Shogun of Wano. But before that, Momonosuke would try to put a brave face and remember his father. In addition, the preview featured a flashback of Oden and Momo when the latter was only a toddler.

Later, the samurais will arrive to save the day for the dragon child. On the other hand, Luffy and Yamato will finally infiltrate the inner cabins of Onigashima. They will first encounter Big Mom, who was searching for the treasure of One Piece. At first, Big Mom’s followers will attack the two perpetrators. As Yamato takes on the minions, Luffy would find an opening to attack Big Mom. Later, One Piece Episode 995 will end with Luffy facing Big Mom on his own.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 994th episode of One Piece, Big Mom and Kaido announced their alliance to their followers. As the men cheered, Kaido announced that he planned to find the One Piece treasure and convert the Flower Capital and Onigashima into a single entity. Most of the soldiers were happy to hear this except for Orochi’s men. His followers did not seem very pleased with the decision to turn the two places into a stronghold. But Orochi argued that the Flower Capital was his personal land.

Kaido then proceeded to uncover the Shogun of Wano, who was tied to a wooden slate. Fans saw the broken face of Momonosuke, and the scene cut to the gates of Onigashima. Here, the battle between Kanjuro and Kiku commenced. So, it was evident that Kanjuro was not going to win this battle at any cost. The episode ended with Kiku killing Kanjuro to death. In the end, all the members of the Akazaya grieved the loss of their former brother.

One Piece Episode 995

One Piece Episode 995: Release Date

The latest episode of One Piece is all set to bring epic action to the floors. After defeating Kanjuro, the next villain is Kaido. So, who is destined to face the ultimate enemy? One Piece Episode 995 will release this Sunday on October 10, 2021. Fans will find all the episodes of the anime on Netflix, Animelab, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. Lastly, stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.

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