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One Piece Chapter 1028: Queen Turns Into A Snake! Release Date & Plot

The release of the latest chapter of One Piece has been a much-anticipated event. The Wano Kuni arc is about to come to an end very soon. With each progressing chapter, more and more battles seem to approach the conclusion. In the last chapter, Zoro and King fought to the last of their breaths. As a piece of King’s mask fell to the ground, he lost hold of his temper and blindly attacked Zoro. Did Zoro survive the fall from this attack? Here is all you need to know about One Piece Chapter 1028.

In the forthcoming chapter, fans can expect to explore the world outside of Wano. The chapter will feature two CP0 officers prepping to arrive at Onigashima after Kaido’s defeat. They plan on collaborating with the new pirate king to open Wano to the rest of the world. Also, they will arrest Nico Robin, who spread much chaos into their world.

One Piece Chapter 1028
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One Piece Chapter 1028: Plot Details

According to the official plot details, the latest chapter of One Piece is titled “Brachiojaurus” which translates to “Brachio Snake.” The chapter will open with two CP0 agents talking over the phone to plan the arrival at Onigashima. The agents discussed that if this mad war comes to an end, they will open the land of Wano to the rest of the world. Moreover, they are also coming to the island to catch Nico Robin. As the city of Onigashima comes ever closer to the Flower Capital, Yamato decides to debunk all the bombs from the town.

At the Performance Floor, Queen and Sanji will continue their battle. As they fight, Queen will realize that her base form is not working against Sanji’s wits. Thus, she will turn into a monstrous snake. She crawled over the floor and made sounds that led to multiple explosions. One Piece Chapter 1028 will end with Sanji getting badly injured due to one of the spontaneous explosion attacks.

One Piece Chapter 1028
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Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 1027th chapter of One Piece, Momonosuke continues to fly into the sky. However, his flying caused the sky to stretch out into thunder. Yamato, who was riding Momonosuke, told him that she had once seen such thunder when Roger and Whitebeard fought. Luffy told Yamato to navigate Momo through the storm. As they were about to fly off, Kaido ran to catch the two. He was blocked by Luffy on the way. Later, Yamato explained to Momo that he needed to run over the clouds and not dodge them.

As Momo steadily learned to walk over the clouds, she later told him to create a Flame Cloud of his own. Momo obliged and created one by circling in the sky. The flames caused an explosion that scared all the civilians. At the Performance Floor, King continued to charge waves of attacks. During one of the dodges, Zoro cracked a piece of King’s mask. As an impulse, King threw Zoro off from the island. Zoro got back up and advised the King to fight with some dignity.

One Piece Chapter 1028

One Piece Chapter 1028: Release Date

The next chapter of One Piece will see the final face-off between Zoro and the King. Who will come out victorious between the two? One Piece Chapter 1028 will release this weekend on Sunday, October 10, 2021. Readers will find all the chapters of One Piece on the official website of Viz Media and other Manga Plus apps. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.