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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77: New Plot Details Out! Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is on its way, and fans hope to see an epic conclusion to all the mad fighting. However, all hints are pointing towards a grave finale to this arc. In the previous chapter, Granola managed to take down both Goku and Vegeta in a single attack. While Goku dodged the attack, Vegeta took the most damage between the two. Now, the Saiyan Prince is counting his last breaths until meeting the end. So, can Goku save Vegeta? Here is all you need to know.

In the forthcoming chapter, Granola will get to know that the Saiyans were never his enemies. Monaito will reveal that it was Freeza who had destroyed planet Cereal. Moreover, he will also come to know that Goku’s father lost his life trying to save the planet. It will be interesting to see what Granola does after knowing the reality.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter Dragon Ball Super is likely to be a lengthy edition, as per the reports. In the next chapter, Monaito is expected to confess his crimes to Granola. All those years, the remaining Cerealians surrounding Granola had been lying to him about the real perpetrator who had destroyed the Planet Cereal. The Heeter was told that the Saiyans were the ones who destroyed their home planet and massacred the entire race. However, Monaito will confess that it was Freeza who turned his planet into ashes.

Moreover, he will also reveal that Bardock the Saiyan fought to save the planet from destruction. This revelation will lead to Granola revaluate his deeds. The fact that Bardock was the father to Goku will make things even more complicated for the Heeter. Later in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77, Vegeta will prepare himself to meet his end. He will remember his son and wife during the final moments. He will also apologize to Lord Beerus for not becoming the God of Destruction after him.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 76th chapter of DBS, Vegeta continued to extend his God’s form against Granola. He was well aware of the fact that using the Ultra Ego form for too long will lead to exhaustion or even death. Goku had observed the situation, and he decided to help Vegeta. However, the Saiyan Prince was too consumed with rage to accept help. As a result, he attacked Goku and asked him to stay out of his matters. When Vegeta was busy exclaiming at Goku, Granola charged a powerful attack over him. This resulted in Vegeta getting badly injured.

Thus, Goku was left with no choice but to face Granola with broken limbs. This time, Goku was conscious of all the attacks, and he did not try to charge any energy balls at Granola. Hindered by the extreme defense, Granola began to get frustrated. Goku mocked Granola that he could not use the same techniques on one opponent twice. Later, Vegeta came to aid Goku. Watching them get back up every time made Granola angry, and he threw the largest energy ball over both of them. By the end of the chapter, Vegeta is ready to face death. He apologized to Lord Beerus for not standing up to his expectations.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77: Release Date

The latest chapter of DBS is all set to enter the concluding point of Granola the Survivor arc. Between avenging his race and abiding by the right, what will Granola choose? According to the official release schedule of Viz Media, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 will release on October 20, 2021. The chapter will also release in the Shonen’s V Jump comic. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.

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