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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77: Vegeta’s Last Breath! Release Date

The latest chapter of DBS just came out, and the internet cannot stop talking about it. The last few chapters have been considerably slow-paced. However, in this chapter, things moved so swiftly that it was hard to keep up with the events. By the end of the 76th chapter, Vegeta was lying on the ground awaiting his death. Meanwhile, Granola was leaving the Planet after finishing his mission. Can Vegeta survive these strong attacks? Here is all you need to know about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77.

In the forthcoming chapter, fans will see if Vegeta will survive Granola’s attacks or not. Additionally, Granola’s redemption arc will also be explored. After all the catastrophe, the Cerealian finds out that Bardock saved his race forty years ago. Bardock, the father of the man he just tried to kill. How is Granola going to make peace with this fact?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77
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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77: Plot Details

In the upcoming chapter of DBS, Granola will face the harsh truths that he had been running away from. So, by the end of the previous outing, Oatmeal and Monaito came to rescue Granola from the ruins of the Planet. While leaving, Monaito revealed to Granola that ages ago, a Saiyan named Bardock saved the Planet Cereal. Granola was stunned by this revelation. He looked at the destruction he had caused and then thought about Bardock. Moreover, the fact that Bardock is Goku’s father makes things even more complex for Granola.

Now, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77, fans will see if Vegeta will survive the lethal attack or not. While taking the blows, the Saiyan Prince had already accepted his fate. However, Goku was reluctant to save his friend. Now that even Granola knows the truth about the Saiyans, he might turn up to offer help. The new chapter is likely to conclude Granola the Survivor Arc for the manga. It will be interesting to see how things will turn after Granola accepts his mistakes.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77

Previous Episode Recap!

The title of Chapter 76 of the Dragon Ball Super was “The Fate of the Saiyans.” Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form wore off within minutes of the fight. This was because he had never used God’s powers in the past. Seeing this advantage, Granola placed multiple attacks over Vegeta. Goku, who was observing the match from the sidelines, decided to join the match. However, just when he was about to step in, Vegeta charged a strong attack over him. The Saiyan Prince exclaimed that Goku would be the last person he would resort to for help.

However, Granola saw this as an opportunity to attack Vegeta, and so he does. Goku and Granola once again came face to face. This time, Goku has already come up with countermeasures to pledge Granola’s attacks. He even mocked the Cerealian by declaring that his technique was not going to work anymore. The Ultra Ego Vegeta also entered this combat. However, this power exhausted him even more. In a matter of a few moves, Granola knocked both of them down. The chapter ended with Granola charging continuous attacks on a dying Vegeta. In his final breaths, Vegeta apologized to Lord Beerus for not standing up to his legacy.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77
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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77: Release Date

Now, fans will have to wait yet another month to get the next chapter of DBS. The latest outing has set the stage for newer arcs to commence. But, will the Saiyans survive Granola’s wrath? The next chapter will answer all the questions. So, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 will release next month on October 20, 2021. Viz media releases all the chapters on a monthly basis. Lastly, keep an eye on The Anime Daily for more updates.

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