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Dragon Ball Super: Goku’s Ultra Instinct State May Not Be The Strongest!

Once again, the battle of the strongest DBS warrior has been triggered. This comes after fans saw the Ultra Ego State for the first time in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75. Amid the battle with Granola, Vegeta got overwhelmed by the constant attacks. This triggered his predominant rage side, and Vegeta transformed into a God’s form. The moment was not only e a crucial turning point for Dragon Ball Super, but it also officially kick-started Vegeta’s arc as the God of Destruction. But does that mean that Goku is a less powerful Saiyan? Os Ultra Instinct State not as powerful as it was deemed to be? Let’s find out.

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73, Goku acquired the Ultra Instinct State for the very first time. Even during his training times, he could not retain the powers for longer than a moment. Thus, keeping the state for the entire course of the battle was a praiseworthy move. Moreover, Goku has not mastered and baked the form to his compatibility. Hence,, it might be too early to make a judgment about his Ultra Instinct state. Let’s look at all the possible conclusions of this theory.

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Dragon Ball Super: Is Vegeta Stronger Than Ultra Instinct Goku?

It is extremely difficult to judge the power quotients of Goku and Vegeta as that you have not come face to face for a long time. But relatively comparing both of them with regards to Granola, it is safe to say that Vegeta is acing the power battle for the time being. In the initial stages of the battle, it was Goku who took center stage against the Cerealian. At this time, Vegeta was busy battling other Heeters. After training for ages, Goku successfully managed to acquire the Ultra Instinct state. However, fans have seen how that turned out for the Saiyan.

Even in his base state, Granola was able to match up to Goku’s Ultra Instinct. After the chapters were released, many fans of Dragon Ball Super complained that the new form was underwhelming in every aspect. Goku’s Ultra Instinct withstood none of Granola’s attacks. As a result, Goku ultimately went unconscious and ended up losing all his energy in acquiring the particular form. This teases the question if Vegeta is, in fact, stronger than his peer Saiyan.

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Ultra Ego State: How Feasible Is It?

In the recent chapters, Vegeta commenced one of the most stunning DBS battles of all time. His row with Granola proved that Dragon Ball still retains the shock value that fans have become used to. So, during the battle, Vegeta acquired the Ultra Ego State for the first time. Better known as God’s power, the Ultra Ego State defies all laws of power dynamics and provides a warrior with endless retention. This implies that Vegeta can manifest a god’s power and consume as much power as he deems enough.

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, fans saw that Vegeta absorbed every attack that Granola charged over him. Later on, he would manifest and collect this power and attack it back over Granola. Even the Cerealian was stunned to see the level of Vegeta’s power. Granola wondered how much Vegeta would have practiced acquiring a form as strong and feasible as this one.

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However, there are many flaws and setbacks with the Ultra Ego Form. While Goku could trigger his Ultra Instinct State in a matter of seconds, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form is not a voluntary phenomenon. The Saiyan Prince must take enough attacks before the form is triggered in his body. On the other hand, the disadvantage with Goku’s power is that he tends to lose most of his strength in the Ultra Instinct state. For the time being, fans can only compare the two powers in relation to Granola. There is still a long time before the two can actually come in the same frame and battle out the winner.

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