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Attack On Titan: Eren Might Not Be The Villain Of The Story! Here’s Why

At the start of Attack on Titan, every fan tends to believe that Eren Jaguar is going to be the savior of the world. The protagonist who loses his hometown and his mother in the very first episode is bound to you have a compelling story. But as the seasons progressed, Eren’s arc took a route that no fan was expecting. His rage and anger towards injustice were evident since the first season, but no one would believe that the boy would become the ultimate villain of the story. But is Eren actually the villain? Or is he the real hero of Attack on Titan? Let’s have a brief look at his character arc.

Eren Jaeger has been one of those characters who get the most polarizing remarks from the fans. While some fans justify his actions and moral choices on the basis of the injustice he had faced, others completely reject his ideals. One’s judgment is a factor of their own personal beliefs. Besides, characters are more than a projection of right and wrong. Good and evil are extremes of a single spectrum. Thus, there might as well be a spot for Eren on that shade card.

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan: The Childhood Trauma!

Eren, Mikasa, and Armin were children who lived on the outermost walls of Paradise. The fear of getting attacked by titans topped with the claustrophobia of a caged world conditioned these children into traumatized souls. But just when they had accepted the life within the walls, Titans breached the cities. Eren not only lost his home, but he also lost his family. After this experience, the young boy outgrew his naivety and called a war against the titans. Until then, no soldier even had the courage to say that they could eliminate Titans. In fact, it was Eren who admired the thought that humans actually had a chance to win.

This is the hero quality that fans often tend to forget when they see the Eren from Attack On Titan Season 4. Later on in the story, his titan form was rejected and questioned by his own peers. Many friends and colleagues left his side in the times he needed them. These little acts of betrayal started planting hate within Eren’s heart. But he still ignored the defiance and continued to battle titans regardless of the consequences.

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Leaving Humanity To Their Fate!

For a long time, Eren sacrificed and gave up almost everything for the sake of humanity’s survival. But all that he got in return were denials. From the Survey Corps to the civilians, everyone went against him when he revealed his titan form. Thus, the final idea to leave its side came into being. The decision in itself required extreme courage and resilience. However, Eren stood his ground and abandoned his home. He truly acknowledged his titan form and continued with his mission to eliminate the entire race.

This act is often criticized by the fans of Attack On Titan for being evil. But people tend to overlook the fact that Eren had to lose everything in order to fulfill his dream of avenging his mother. The loss of Carla Jeagar left a deep scar in his heart. Thus, embracing the demon form was a courageous act rather than a fearsome one. If we look into the story from Eren’s perceptive, he was the hero of his own story. A stubborn boy who sacrificed himself for the sake of humanity is still considered a villain. However, maybe for his mother, he will always be the hero she would want him to become.