Boruto’s Eye: All The Interesting Facts To Know About Jougan

Boruto’s Eye has been a topic of discussion ever since the beginning of Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations. We are talking about the mysterious blue-ish white eye of Boruto that is also known as Jougan. It is one of the enigmatic Dojutsus whose powers are somehow connected with the Otsutsuki Clan. In the twenty-year-long history of the series, Boruto Uzumaki is the only wielder of this unique Dojutsus.

According to several theories, the power of Jougan even surpasses that of Rinnegan and Byakugan. Boruto already awakened the dojutsu in his right eye for quite a while now. However, the makers of the series are still keeping the fans in the dark about the power and origin of Jougan. So, this article is here to help you understand Boruto’s Eye as it will feature all the exciting facts about Jougan. 

Boruto's Eye

Meaning Of Jougan

Let’s start things off with the literal meaning of Jougan. The anime series never mentioned it, but a panel in the manga series confirms that Jougan translates to “Pure Eye.” Now, the pure eye can have several different meanings, such as the eyes without any flaws or the eyes of God, etc. Initially, the fans mistaken Boruto’s Eye for Tenseigan, a dojustu wielded by Toneri Otsutsuki. However, an animator clarified that this blue-is white eye is neither Tenseigan nor Byakugan. Instead, it is a “Jougan” or simply a “Pure Eye.”

Boruto’s Eye or Jougan Origin

What is the origin of Boruto’s Eye or Jougan? Now this question has several different answers. No one in the series knows about the Jougan except for the Otsutsukis. They instantly recognized the Jougan that hinted that it might be an Old Kekkei Genkai like Sharingan and Byakugan. But at the same time, Jougan hasn’t been wielded by anyone in the history of shinobi, and that means only the members of the Otsutsuki clan are capable of wielding this power or knows how to activate this power. 

Boruto's Eye

Theory 1

Many fans believe that Toneri Otsutsuki plays an important role in the origin of Jougan. In Naruto: The Last Movie, Toneri stole the Byakuan from Hanabi in order to awake his Tenseigan. This dojutsu was manifested by Hamura Otsuksuki himself. Hamura used Tenseigan to bring peace, but Toneri wanted to use it to bring salvation to humanity. Many people believe that Toneri altered Hinata’s DNA during their encounter in Naruto: The Last. Hence, they call Jougan a product of Byakugan and Tenseigan.

Some fans even believe Toneri himself granted Boruto with Jougan in order to continue his legacy. In Boruto Episode 8, Toneri appeared in Boruto’s dream, where he talked about Jougan. He called his eye the “Star of Hope” and revealed that the power of Jougan will go against the destruction that is yet to come. Initially, Boruto mistook his Jougan as Byakugan. 

Theory 2

The second theory is quite simple, actually. According to this one, Jougan is simply a product of biology. Since Boruto is the son of Naruto and Hinata, he got the unique chakra from the Hyuga Clan and Uzumaki Clan. The fans already know that Hyuga’s Princess receives chakra directly from Hamura. On the other hand, during the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto got the chakra from Hamura’s twin brother Hagoromo. So, many fans believe that Boruto’s Eye is the natural manifestation of Naruto and Hinata’s unique chakra inside Boruto. 

Boruto's Eye

Jougan’s Power & Abilities

All the powers and abilities of Jougan are yet to be revealed in the series. But sooner or later, it will become one of the most overpowered Dojutsus. Some fans even think that Jougan is quite more powerful than Tenseigan and Rinnegan. Boruto’s Eye or Jougan can sense and see different kinds of chakras. With the help of Jougan, Boruto can sense the presence of an ominous chakra inside anyone. However, he hasn’t gained control of this ability yet, and it activated automatically around dangerous elements. 

The second ability of Jougan is reasonably related to Byakugan. Boruto’s Eye allows him to see the pathway system of the chakra. With its help, Boruto can spot vital chakra points as well. Also, Boruto can see the invisible b barriers that connect different dimensions. He also managed to influence the dimensional portal when he encountered Sumire Kakei. 

Momoshiki also predicted that those Blue eyes of Boruto would take everything from him. It is still unclear why Momoshiki said this, but the fans speculated that it is related to his Jougan. So, the fans are expecting that the author of Boruto will soon reveal more information about Boruto’s Eye. They are really curious to know what kind of destructive powers will Boruto be able to use after getting full control of Jougan.  

About Boruto

Boruto is a sequel to the Naruto series that takes place after the events of Naruto: The Last Movie. It is a manga series that began to publish on May 9, 2016. A total of 15 volumes of this manga have been released so far. It also received an anime adaptation by Studio Pierrot. Its first episode hit the screens on April 5, 2017. Initially, the fans criticized the anime a lot. It happened due to a lot of filler content. However, that’s not the case anymore. Now, the fans finally think Boruto can continue the legacy created by the Naruto franchise.

Now, they are very excited to see how the character of Boruto will unfold in the series. They have been impressed by its development so far. But at the same time, they are expecting quite more from him. The anime recently concluded the Isshiki arc, whereas the manga series is currently showing the arc that involves Code and Daemon. 

So, that was all on Boruto’s Eye but we promise to update this section once there is an update on Jougan. So, stay tuned for all the latest updates anime and manga updates.

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