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Bright Samurai Soul: Netflix Renews Spin-off Anime Of Will Smith’s Film!

Streaming service Netflix is coming out with Bright Samurai Soul anime film sometime soon. After the 2017 Will Smith film Bright became a massive success on the box office, many creators had an eye on the project. Bright has a vast potential to become a successful franchise if made with sincerity. Hence, Netflix grabbed this opportunity and came out with a surprising announcement.


The news comes out through the Geeked Week online event by Netflix this Thursday. Here, the makers reveal that they will be bringing a spin-off anime film of the original Bright movie. Bright was also an initial Netflix venture by acclaimed director David Ayer. The film made a huge profit of USD 106.2 million. Now, it looks like the anime film will follow the same path. So, let’s explore more about the upcoming Bright Samurai Soul Anime film.

Bright Samurai Soul Anime: What’s The Story About?

Since the anime is going to be a spin-off of the 2017 Bright film, the setup of both is in the same world. We are introduced to a society where humans reside along with other magical creatures like fairies and elves. The protagonists are two policemen Izo and Raiden, whose job is to look after the order amongst different races. While both of them are not fond of each other, their ideals of a peaceful society remain the same.

One night, they bump into a magical little elf who is being chased by unknown demons. She tells Izo and Raiden that the bad guys will misuse her powers and her wand. They might create an unequal society if caught. Hence, the ronin and the orc decide to help the elf in order to keep peace in their world. The anime may divert a little from the original film, but the crux will remain pretty similar.


Netflix Reveals Production Details

Netflix has recently updated the information page on Bright Samurai Soul. The new update reveals the team that will be working at Studio Arect to forge Bright Samurai Soul Anime film. Firstly, Cowboy Bebop scriptwriter Michiko Yokote will be drafting the script for this anime. Atsushi Yamagata will be responsible for the character designing of Samurai Soul. Moreover, the movie will be in the typical 3D CG animation that Netflix brings each time. Lastly, Kyōhei Ishiguro will be directing this much-anticipated project.

Bright Samurai Soul

Bright Samurai Soul Anime Film: Release Date

As for now, many anime projects that were part of the announcement in the Geeked Week event do not have a definite release date. However, we can always make out speculative premieres by judging the pattern of Netflix’s release cycles. Since the streamer always announces any show half a year before its release date, we can guess that Bright Samurai Soul will also come out somewhere around November or December 2021. Moreover, a teaser trailer may come out by October this year.


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