Make My Day Anime Coming To Netflix! Release Date & Production Details

It looks like this year is going to be full of Netflix anime releases. For the last two years, the streaming service has been joining hands with multiple production houses and manga writers to bring original content on their platform. In the same chain, the streamer is ready with the Make My Day anime film this year. That’s right! The original Japanese horror manga by Yasuo Ōtagaki is finally getting an anime adaptation.


In the online Geeked Week event that took place yesterday, Netflix announced many releases that will come through this year. One of the major announcements was in the form of Make My Day anime. Moreover, the company also shares the synopsis via their official social media handles. So, here is everything that you must know about Make My Day anime on Netflix.

Make My Day Anime: Plot Details

Netflix describes the upcoming anime film set in a post-apocalyptic planet where a small community of inhabitants resides. While the planet is almost non-livable, its population is surviving just fine. However, one day, a small town comes across a mysterious animal. As it happens, the creature attacks and massacres the whole town. Now, the danger is upon the entire planet to battle these creatures and save their race.

Netflix has also come out with an insider visual of the forthcoming movie. The picture depicts a snowy landscape with a mysterious structure built upon it. Moreover, we can also see a spaceship hovering over the lands. The landscape might be the setup of the cold planet where we are about to enter very soon.


Production Details

The streaming service has revealed significant names of the team that will be working on the Make My Day anime. For a start, Makoto Honda will be directing the show. Yumiko Yoshigiwa is handling the scriptwriting department while the character design is under Studio 5. Moreover, Kiyotaka Oshiyama and Shōji Kawamori are there as mecha designers. Lastly, the original mangaka Yasuo Ōtagaki, who is also the creator of Mobile Suit Gundam series, will be a member of the writing desk.

Make My Day Anime
Mobile Suit Gundam

Make My Day Anime: Release Date

Unfortunately, the streaming service has not come out with a definite release date for Make My Day Anime. However, since Netflix typically teases an anime five or six months before the actual release, we can speculate that MMD will find a release slate in the coming winter. This means that Make My Day anime will see the light of the day in November this year. Besides, Netflix is also busy with projects like Godzilla: Singular Point, Edens Zero, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway. So, we can guess that this one will be in the chain of releases in the Christmas holidays.


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