One Piece Episode 978: Battle Of The Stormy Sea Begins! Release Date

“The Worst Generation Charges in! The Battle of the Stormy Sea!” is the title of the One Piece Episode 978. The title itself is enough to tease one of the most anticipated battles of the anime. The Land of Wano is burning under Orochi’s rule. Both Orochi and Kaido have burnt all the ports around Wano to destroy refuge for any foreign fleets.


All this was possible because of the mole that they planted amongst the rebel clans. The previous chapter also saw the revelation of this betrayer. Well, One Piece has officially come out with the titles of its following four chapters. The entire internet is discussing theories on the basis of these names. So, here is everything that you must know about One Piece Episode 978.

One Piece Episode 978

One Piece Episode 978: What’s Next?

The end of the previous episode pointed that the Akazaya Nine were being attacked by Orochi’s minions. But Luffy’s ships arrive just in time to balance the odds. Moreover, the Akazaya Nine, along with Straw Hats, Heart Pirates, and the Kid Pirates, will finally draw a plan to siege the city of Wano. For now, Orochi is not aware that help has arrived from the sea. So, it will take time for him to counter the attacks.

On the other hand, Momosuke is struggling with Kanjuro while they both escape seeing Kaido. We can also expect to see Denjiro come out as his true self and join the Straw Hats Pirates. Now that Kaido and Orochi are weakened in numbers, we can expect intense action in the coming episode. The 979th episode is titled “Strong Luck?! Leader Kin’emon Total Plan.” Following this, we will witness “Promise of Tears! The Kidnapped Momonosuke”. Lastly, episode 981 is “A New Companion! Knight of the Sea, Jinbei!”. Let’s wait until the One Piece Episode 978 comes out before forging theories about the newer ones.


Previous Episode Recap!

The previous episode of One Piece finally revealed the name of the traitor from the Akazaya Nine who was secretly working with Kaido. When seven of the nine members of the Akazaya reach the port, they finally made the confrontation about a mole. Furthermore, Kanjuro steps forward and names himself the traitor. What comes as a bigger shock is the fact that Kanjuro was, after all, a Kurozumi! Everyone realizes that the Kanjuro they were talking to was a mere shadow. The real one has abducted Momosuke outside the port.

One Piece Episode 978

One Piece Episode 978: Release Date

Since the One Piece show is not going on hiatus anytime soon, the next episode will stream on the regular weekend timing. One Piece Episode 978 will air on AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Netflix on June 13, 2021. So, be sure to make yourself at home at 9.30 PM. The war is on the brink of breaking out! And this is no time to miss One Piece.


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