One Piece Chapter 1016: Will Kaido Battle Yamato? See Release Date

The title of One Piece Chapter 1016 is “Here Tama!!”. The name points towards Tama’s confrontation with the people of Wano. We saw in the previous chapter that Wano is a lot of chaos. Almost every pirate is testing their powers on the Straw Hats. Big Mom, Kaido, the Queen, everyone is beating up the Straw Hats. However, Luffy’s team will not give up at any cost.


Moreover, even the samurais are fighting to the last of their breath to defeat Kaido’s forces. While Kaido is winning from every side, one side is a constant resistance to him- his daughter. Will the giant serpent take down his daughter? Before One Piece Chapter 1016 comes out this weekend, raw scans and spoilers are already out. Here is everything to know about the upcoming chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1016

One Piece Chapter 1016: What Will Happen Next?

The latest spoilers that are roaming around the internet point towards an unbalance in the ocean. While Kaido’s forces are as strong as ever, the samurais only have seven thousand soldiers left on their side. Still, the soldiers are triumphing to win against Kaido. Moreover, Usopp gets his hands on Bao Hang while he was escaping. Usopp has a plan to communicate to the common folk of the island. Hence, he asks Tama to talk to the people about the Marys.

In a different setting, Nami and Ulti were in a gruesome battle. Nami did struggle to beat the latter, but she will eventually succeed in the next chapter. Lastly, the main plot of the chapter will focus on the arc between Kaido and his daughter Yamato. Yamato defies her father by saying that she will go with Luffy and his team and that he will never see the Land of Wano again. Whereas, Kaido challenges her at this. So, are we moving towards a battle between a father and a daughter?

Chapter 1015 Recap!

We saw in the previous chapter of One Piece that in the midst of a war in the ocean, everyone is grieving the loss of Luffy. Sanji is all set to attack the Queen because her minions injured Zoro. However, the chapter ends before concluding this battle. Here, the rescue operation for Luffy’s body has already begun. Besides, to Law’s relief, Luffy is found alive in the ocean. Now, Law rushes to help Kid, who is struggling alone against Big Mom. Lastly, we see Yamato confront Kaido about her final stance in the battle.

One Piece Chapter 1016

One Piece Chapter 1016: Release Date

It must be evident by the release of spoilers that One Piece Chapter 1016 is not far away. Thankfully we have to wait only two more days to find out how Yamato will defend against Kaido’s wrath. So, the 1016th chapter of the One Piece manga will release on June 13, 2021. You can get your hands on the One Piece manga on Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and other MangaPlus apps.


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