One Piece Chapter 1015: Sanji Vs. Queen! Release Date & Raw Scans!

The title of One Piece Chapter 1015 is “Chains.” The next chapter is all set to follow the story after Luffy’s heart-rending fall from the wall. Now that Kaido’s biggest hurdle is down, he can claim anything he wants. Meanwhile, the people of Onigashima are also shocked after hearing the news.


Three days prior to the release of the new edition, the raw scans, and spoilers of One Piece are out. As per the looks, the new chapter seems to be one of the most exciting offers in the last few weeks. So, when will Luffy return to set things straight with Kaido? Has Onigashima fallen after all? Here is everything to know about One Piece Chapter 1015.

One Piece Chapter 1015: Spoilers Out

The latest raw scans suggest that the chapter will follow the aftermath of Luffy’s fall. All his friends are shocked at the defeat. Here, Kaido is celebrating this as a gesture of defeating all of Straw Hats. Meanwhile, the battle between Big Mom and Kid will also kick off in this chapter. Kid, with the help of Law, will stand up against Big Mom for hurting Ulti.

As the last chapter foreshadowed, Yamato is gravely disheartened by Luffy’s fall. Thus, she decides to face her own father, this time in One Piece Chapter 1015. However, Kaido’s reaction is something we cannot speculate about. He might have a change of heart, or he might go on to execute his heir. Since Momosuke knows that Luffy is alive, he sends Mary to spread the message to his allies. In a different plotline, the Queen and Sanji are in the middle of a battle. However, Perospero decides to interrupt by striking a solid attack on Sanji. Will he dodge the arrow? We are yet to find out.


What Happened So Far?

The previous chapter of One Piece was a heavy addition to the manga. It was the first time Luffy was injured this badly, even to the extent of falling off the wall. However, Kaido is not happy with his unsatisfactory victory. When he learns that Yamato is planning to betray him, he rushes to find Momosuke to execute him as soon as he can. Meanwhile, the news of Luffy’s loss spreads like wildfire, and everyone in Onigashima is now in a dilemma of a lost leader.

One Piece Chapter 1015: Release Date

The 1015th Chapter of One Piece is thankfully not on hiatus this week. This means that our weekend will be full of Luffy and his team. The next chapter will release on Sunday, Jun 06, 2021. Thus, you can read all the latest chapters of the One Piece manga on Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and other MangaPlus apps.


How long do you think it will take for Luffy to return in his best form? Is this really Kaido’s victory? Let’s discuss this in the comments below. For more latest updates on One Piece, keep visiting this corner.