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DBZ Kakarot DLC 3: Trailer & Sneak Peeks! June 2021 Release Date

DBZ Kakarot DLC 3 is finally around the corner! Just when all the gamers had lost hope about getting a new update, Bandai Namco decided to surprise them. That’s right! The gaming company is back with another addition to the DBZ Kakarot games. Back in January 2020, Bandai Namco released the last DLC. Now, almost one and a half years later, the game is ready with a reboot.

The third DLC is called DBZ Kakarot DLC 3: Trunks the Warrior of Hope. The game will be following the adventures of Trunks in in in in batting Android 17 and 18. The announcement came through the official handles of Dragon Ball Games. Along with the renewal announcement, a new trailer and release date are also out. Here are all the latest updates.

DBZ Kakarot DLC 3

DBZ Kakarot DLC 3: Trailer & Storyline

The new trailer that recently hit the Twitter handle of Dragon Ball suggests that the game will follow a different storyline from the original show. After Goku’s death due to a heart ailment, Android 17 and 18 turn rogue and take over the world as they always wanted to. However, the only surviving warriors, Trunks, and Gohan must team up against the humanoids. Thus, the game will see epic face-offs between Trunks and the Androids.

Furthermore, the trailer for DLC 3 features an incredible battle scene between the Androids and Gohan. There are some new updates in the moves and strikes that the game offers. In the trailer, Gohan can be seen in both Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue forms. However, we are yet to see what the main hero of the game has in store for us.

New Screenshots Out!

Along with the release date and an official trailer, some insider screenshots of the gameplay are also roaming around the internet. The screenshots reveal Vegeta and an epic battle where only incredible blasts are visible. To say that the DBZ Kakarot DLC 3 visuals are amazing will be an understatement. It is for sure that we have never seen such battle sequences in any game or anime before. Thus, it looks like DLC 3 is all set to amaze the fans this year.

DBZ Kakarot DLC 3: Release Date

The official Dragon Ball Games Europe Twitter handle confirmed that the game will be out on June 11, 2021. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. So, set the alarm for the pre-orders because missing out will not be an option.

So, gamers, are you excited about the upcoming DBZ Kakarot DLC 3: Trunks the Warrior of Hope game? How did you like the new trailer? After getting the game, do share your experiences with us in the comment section below. For more such latest news flashes from the anime gaming world, keep visiting The Anime Daily.

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