Classroom Crisis Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? Everything The Fans Should Know

The fans have been waiting for Classroom Crisis Season 2 for the past five years. But they still don’t have any information regarding the future of the anime. And now they began to get impatient to see its following installment. Some fans even lost hope that the anime will ever return. While some loyal fans are still waiting for the second season to arrive. So will the anime ever return? Here are all the latest details. 

Classroom Crisis is a Japanese anime series. Aniplex produced this show, which was animated by Lay-duce. The anime show made its debut on July 3, 2015. It ran for thirteen episodes and finished airing on September 25 of the same year. And that was the last time the fans saw this anime. Ever since then, they are waiting for its return. 

Classroom Crisis Season 2

Classroom Crisis Season 2: Canceled Or Renewed? 

The first season of the anime opened up to a great response from the viewers and the critics. So, everyone assumed that there would be a second season. But it never arrived. So, the fans started demanding for it. They are demanding its sequel for the past five years. However, they haven’t got any response from the makers. They are pretty tight-lipped in talking about the future of the anime series. They are yet to renew or cancel the series officially. So, the fans are still waiting to get the words of officials on Classroom Crisis Season 2. 

Classroom Crisis Season 2

Will The Anime Return?

Most of the anime series usually follow light-novel, manga, or video games for their plot. But Classroom Crisis didn’t follow any of them. It is an original series with an original plot that ended without any loose threads. Therefore, it is very unlikely for Lay-duce Studios to pick the series for Classroom Crisis Season 2 as there is nothing available to adapt as its plot. Plus, the studio is also busy with its future projects and has already released its pipeline for the upcoming year. So, the odds are certainly not in favor of its second season. It is better to believe that the anime ended with its first season and there won’t be any more installments of it.