Dance With Devils Season 2: Will There Be A Second Season? All The Latest Details!

It has been five years since the fans last saw Dance With Devils on screen, and now they are getting impatient to see Dance With Devils Season 2. The anime was one of its kind when it began airing five years back. As a result, it got a great response from its viewers and managed to gain popularity in a very short period of time. So will there be its following installment? Continue reading to know.

Dance With Devils is a Japanese anime series. It follows the storyline and is the remake of the manga of the same name. The anime was first aired on October 7, 2015, and ran for twelve episodes. The fans saw its final episode on December 23 of the same year. Ever since then, its fans are waiting for its second season, which should have been released by now. 

Dance With Devils Season 2

Dance With Devils Season 2: Canceled Or Renewed?

Brain’s Base Animation Studio animated the debut season of the anime. The initial installment was successful enough to get its sequel. So everyone thought the makers would release its sequel soon. However, that didn’t happen. Over these years, a lot of rumors also made their rounds regarding the release of Dance With Devils Season 2. The demand for the second season of the anime was at its peak during the year 2017.

At that time, some officials also claimed that the fans might see an OVA episode in the near future. And that too didn’t happen. Brain’s Base Studio is yet to make an official announcement regarding the future of the show. The studio neither canceled nor renewed it for its following season. Therefore some fans are still in hope that the anime will return sooner or later. 

Dance With Devils Season 2

Will The Anime Ever Return?

The makers stooped the publication of its manga after releasing its only volume. The first volume was released three days after the completion of the anime. And that means Brain’s Base doesn’t have any source material to produce Dance With Devils Season 2. The initial one also ended without any cliffhanger. Therefore the makers have to begin from scratch to make the sequel of this popular anime. So, it is very unlikely that the fans will ever see its second season. For now, it is better to believe that anime will not return. 

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