Dragon Ball Super: How Dende Saved His Team

Being one of the top rated anime Dragon Ball is always there to set new trends. Whether it is its manga, anime series, a film or a video game the franchise always has numerous surprises and breath-taking moments for its fans. Similarly, the Dragon Ball Super with its recent chapter has successfully settled new trends of hype. The chapter 62 in which the Moro shown his powers and brutally hit most of the characters of Dragon Ball is ruling over the hearts of Dragon Ball fans.

On one side the chapter was full of brutality of Moro, whereas, on the other hand it holds a tremendous amount of emotions when Moro hurt Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Picolo. So, in short it was a full blast of action and emotions.

In the previous article we discussed Moro and how he absorbed others’ powers but, the main character we are going to discuss in this chapter is Dende. Yes, the Dende who is the son of Grand Elder Guru. The Dende who was asked to look after the planet earth in the absence of Kami. The Dende who has special ability to heal others.

The moment in which the Moro was on the verge to destroy planet earth. Dende being the superior took a risky decision. He himself landed to save his companions by healing them after Moro’s attack. He used his powers to heal Goku, picolo and other warriors.

Though it was quite risky and Moro who was in the powerful state by that time could take his life but, Dende did not have any other choice.  Being the caretaker of earth he gave orders to Esca and Popo to manage things on earth. Whereas, he landed in the battle field to bring back his companions and save planet earth from destruction.

What do you think about the chapter 62 of Dragon Ball Super? The incredible powers of Moro and the decision took by the Dende? Give your opinions in our comment section.

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