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Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: Goku’s New CG Look & Release Date

The recent Comic-Con event at San Diego brought many new and exciting announcements for the anime community to cherish. Dragon Ball Super Super Hero was the biggest of them all. Since DBS Broly, Dragon Ball fans have not seen any announcement in the anime counterpart. However, Toei Animation is finally breaking that chain by bringing the new film to the floors.

DBS Super Hero is an ambitious project that leaves behind classic anime animation and brings in modern-day CG. The new trailer presented at the event reveals how the CG is going to look at your screens. Aside from the trailer, the official website of DBS also reveals many character designs for us. So, without any further ado, here is all that you must know about the new DBS Movie.

Dragon Ball super super hero
Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: Plot Details & New Trailer

Since 2019, the anticipation for the new Dragon Ball film has been rising exponentially. Fortunately, the announcement finally came through at the Comic-Con event. The makers have not revealed a solid arc upon which the film will be based. But the announcement by the panel makes it clear that the new film will feature some new characters that we have never seen in the DBS universe before. Aside from the statements, we also have some visual references from the Dragon Ball Super Hero movie.

The makers revealed many CG character designs from Dragon Ball Super Super Hero. Piccolo’s character design was a striking detail of the event. Furthermore, the makers also released a brand-new trailer of the film that only shows Goku in the frame. Little can be taken out from the trailer since it only presents Goku in a white screen arena prepping for a punch. You can check out the teaser right here. Let’s wait for a full-length trailer to find out more about the new film.

Goku’s New CG Look Out!

The 30-second trailer is essentially the new CG look of the character of Goku. In the launch event, the makers reveal the tech behind the new CG, which is being tested at Toei Animation to create the entire film. Looking at the visually flawless trailer of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero, it is clear that the animation of the film was a success. Anime producer Norihiro also states that they are trying many new things at the studio to serve new products to the audience. Let’s wait for the final product before making any more assumptions.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: Release Date

For now, the panel from the San Diago Comic Con event has only revealed the tentative release schedule for the film. According to the official statement, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is all set to arrive in the theatres in 2022. The lack of a solid release date points towards the fact that makers are, in fact, looking forward to changing the dates as per emergencies in Japan and other territories. We will be sure to update you with a solid premiere date as soon as it is made public!

What are your thoughts about the new character design of Goku from the new DBS Movie? Do share your personal opinions with us. Also, leave a comment below telling us which Super Hero character you are most excited to see in the new movie. Lastly, for more updates on the same, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.