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Overgeared Chapter 90: Greed’s Identity Crisis! Release Date & Plot

We understand that it is hard to keep up with episodes and manga chapters during the onset of the Tokyo Olympics. But Overgeared Chapter 90 is something that you should definitely make time for. The previous chapter introduced the International Competition that is about to begin in Korea. However, the next one suddenly will begin with a mysterious skull monster trying to steal the gem from the Silver Knights Guilds.

Thus, an insane battle is about to begin at the guild. So, this puts the competition on a halt. The Silver Knights and Greed are struggling to keep up with the fire resistance abilities of the monsters. But he eventually loses most of his powers in the process. How will Greed be the rightful Muller that he so proudly claimed? Here is all that you must know about the upcoming chapter of Overgeared.

Overgeared Chapter 90

Overgeared Chapter 90: Plot Details!

Overgeared Chapter 90 will handle one of the most important realizations for Greed. Since the last chapter ends on a cliffhanger, the next one will likely continue from the point where it left. We will be taken back to the fight between the Skull monster and Greed. In the previous chapter, Greed announces with much confidence that he himself is Muller. But as the name of the chapter points, Skull makes him realize that he is not who he believes.

As one can expect, the new chapter will look at a power upgrade that Greed can use to defeat the monster. Besides the fight, we also have the International Guilds Competition to focus on. It is less likely that the next chapter will directly revert to the championship, but the end of this battle is a surety of the new chapter. Here is a brief recap before Overgeared Chapter 90 for you!

Overgeared Chapter 90

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of the 87th chapter of Overgeared was “You’re Not Him.” The chapter starts with the soldiers of the Silver Knight Guild battling a humungous monster who is after the gem. As the chapter progresses, we see that the soldiers are unable to tackle Skull alone. It is at this point that Greed takes center stage and convinces the warriors that he is a trustable ally.

But as it happens, the extreme heat resistance power of Skull ultimately leads to Greed losing seventy percent of his strength. Skull gains the gem and declares that Greed is not Muller. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger with Greed and Skull against one another. Let’s see what Overgeared Chapter 90 holds in store for us.

Overgeared Chapter 90

Overgeared Chapter 90: Release Date

We hope that you have made time this Wednesday because missing out on a new Overgeared chapter is nothing short of a sin. So, Overgeared Chapter 90 is all set to make your leisurely office weekday exciting. The new chapter will arrive on July 28, 2021. The first international competition is just beginning to attract traction, and we will all be there to cheer for Greed.

Are you excited about Overgeared Chapter 90? What are your thoughts about the current pace of events at the International Competition? Let’s have a fruitful discussion in the comment box below. For more exciting new updates, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.