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Overgeared Chapter 89: 1st International Competition! Release Date

Every Wednesday, fans just cannot wait for the new chapter of Overgeared to arrive. For now, Overgeared Chapter 89 was the gateway to the first International Competitions that will take place in Korea. We see that Greed, Yura, and all the other champions of other guilds are prepping for the competition. Moreover, the players of the Korean Guild are especially thrilled to come face to face with Pagma’s successor in the field.

The championship is about to start very soon. New players and new gear are all set to intrigue fans. Besides, Greed is also ready with his new gear this time. From recap to plot details of the new chapter, we have it all covered for you. Who will be Greed’s biggest competition now? So, without any further ado, here is all you must know.

Overgeared Chapter 89

Overgeared Chapter 89: Plot Details

The title of the last chapter was “Overgeard.” The title points towards the upgradation that Greed goes through in his armor and gear to prep for the upcoming competition. Moreover, we also get to see how the performers of the Korean guild are doing thus far. For now, Greed is more than confident in himself to fight in the championship. Since the competition starts tomorrow, the next chapter is likely to focus on the same.

With Greed and Yura prepping, the first round of the international competition will begin in Overgeared Chapter 89. Sources suggest that the new chapter will not right away show the fights of Greed. At first, we will witness the power quotient of other players. It will be after a few chapters that Pagma’s successor will finally enter the fighting arena. Let’s see what is in store for us this time!

Previous Chapter Recap!

The last chapter of Overgeard starts with a public announcement that suggests that the number of visitors in the new virtual city is increasing each day. Besides this concern, we learn about the Legendary Sword Saint Muller demon, who can even devour the souls of the strongest warriors. It is in the talk that the demon is on the rise yet again. Later, Greed visits Ellen on a customer’s recommendation to get his gear dyed. He upgraded for the international competition that will begin in Overgeared Chapter 89.

We are also introduced to the enraged Korean players who are all ready to defeat Japan’s guild along with Pagma’s successor. The chapter finally ends with Yura practicing her moves with the Korean players only to flaunt her skills and gear. With brewing competition, this is making the spirit of the games much more interesting to watch. Let’s see what these games have in store for us in the new chapter of the anime series.

Overgeared Chapter 89

Overgeared Chapter 89: Release Date

As usual, the new chapter of Overgeared will be out next Wednesday. For fans who are looking for the English version, they can find the new chapter two days after the official release. So, Overgeared Chapter 89 will be available on your screens on July 23, 2021. You can read all the latest chapters of this popular manhua on the official website of Kakaopage.

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