Dungeon Of Black Company Anime July 2021 Release Date Out!

Earlier this year, the Dungeon of Black Company anime adaptation was announced by Silver Link Studios. Since then, the promotion team has been very active in releasing new details. Until now, two trailers, casting pieces, and an official synopsis are out. Dungeon of Black is originally a popular ongoing shōnen manga series by Yōhei Yasumura. While the manga has entered its final arc in June this year, the end is still far away.


Since its first release in December 2016, Yasumura’s manga has been selling numerous copies. Fans were desperately asking for an anime adaptation of this fantasy story. It looks like their demands are finally heard. The Dungeon of Black Company is all set to premiere very soon. Here is everything to know about the upcoming show.

Dungeon Of Black Company

Dungeon Of Black Company: Plot & Promo

The plot of Dungeon of Black Company is pretty similar to any other isekai anime with a quirky twist. It introduces us to Kinji, a leisurely young boy who runs away from work whenever he can. However, this doesn’t last long because he is now in an alternate demonic world. Here, the only straw for survival is working in the mines for the devil. Kinji soon realizes that the work he was running from all his life was lenient enough for him. Hence, it’s time for Kinji to learn a hard lesson in life.

The official website of Dungeon of Black Company manga has yet another trailer for us. The third promotional video reveals the struggles of Kinji in the mining fields. Moreover, the teaser also features the ending theme song by Humbreaders, “World is Mine.” Overall, the production and animation of the show look reasonably decent. Let’s see the final product when it comes out.

Cast And Crew

Just like other details, the casting and crew names also come from the official website of the manga. Mirai Minato is working with an able team as the director. Next, Deko Akao is a scriptwriter for the anime. Moreover, Yuki Sawairi is responsible for handling the character designing department. We can also expect to see Taku Inoue in the music composing field. The credit for the opening theme song “Shimi” was given to Howl Be Quiet band.


The list of cast members for the DOBC anime includes Katsuyuki Konishi as Kinji Ninomiya. Next, we can expect to see Misaki Kuno in the role of Rim. Next up, Wataru Takagi will be playing the Boss Goblin. Hiro Shimono and Satomi Satou are voicing Wanibe and Belza. Lastly, Megumi Toda and M.A.O will be playing the parts of Shia and Ranga.

Dungeon Of Black Company Anime: Release Date

The Dungeon of Black Company anime series is all set to mark this summer in their name. Silver Link is ready with the production, and the anime will premiere in Japan on July 9, 2021. The television anime series will initially launch on Tokyo MX and TV Aichi. The show will later be distributed to ABC TV, AT-X, BS-NTV, and other Japanese networks. An English dub streamer is yet to announce a release date. We will let you know a western release window as soon as the news comes in.


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