Ghost Cat Anzu Gets Anime Adaptation! Doraemon Creators On Board

There is a piece of good news for all the Ghost Cat Anzu manga readers. Their favorite Japanese folklore manga is finally coming to life this year. That’s right! An anime adaptation is under construction by two of the most top-rated players in Japan and internationally. Reports suggest Ghost Cat Anzu will release as a feature film soon enough.


Japanese company Shin-Ei Animation and French production company Miyu Productions are teaming up to produce the anime adaptation of Takashi Imashiro’s Ghost Cat Anzu manga. Moreover, the anime will see new experiments as the French and Japanese styles will collaborate for the first time. So, here is everything to know about the Ghost Cat Anzu film.

Ghost Cat Anzu: Shin-Ei Animation & Miyu Productions Join Hands

The animation film is being brought to life by two renowned companies in the anime business. Shin-Ei Animation is the creator of classics like Doraemon and Shin-chan. Whereas, Miyu Productions is France’s top-notch production house. Both of these are coming together to work on the classic Japanese story of Ghost Cats. Furthermore, we can expect to witness a unique animation style and storytelling as both the companies have a large plethora of talented directors. Variety gives the exclusive report for the same.

Ghost Cat Anzu

What Is The Anime About?

The official synopsis of GCA suggests that the story of the film will revolve around the origins of the titular ghost cat Anzu. The cat is described as a helpful creature in his community. Anzu makes a living out of fishing and doing odd jobs for older adults. One fine day, Anzu meets a young man Karin who turns the cat’s life upside down. Karin is a young boy who is tasked to look after his ailing grandfather.


Thus, Karin asks the ghost cat to help him. In Japanese folklore, ghost cats are demonic creatures who live off human fear. However, Anzu is not the same. He helps Karin and his grandpa as best as he can. GCA film will be a sincere adaptation of Takashi Imashiro’s original manga of the same name. Let’s wait for some more time before we can get a final look at the trailer.

Ghost Cat Anzu

Ghost Cat Anzu: Release Date

While only the collaboration was in the announcement, we can only speculate a tentative release slate for the upcoming feature film. If we consider the two-month production and post-production time. It is likely that the movie will be complete by September 2021. Moreover, we can expect to find a release date somewhere in October this year. Thus, Ghost Cat Anzu is not that far away from our screens.


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