Magia Record Season 2: Renewed! 2021 Release Date Announced! Key Visuals

The wait for Magia Record Season 2 is finally over! The makers of the popular magic story are back with a second season. Magia Record is one of Japan’s most popular video games on Android and iOS that first came out in August 2017. Later on, 2018 and 2019 saw two manga releases. Finally, SHAFT Studio took on the project for the anime in 2020.


Now, a second season is also complete and ready for release. The renewal was announced through the official Twitter handle of Magia Record. After seeing huge success with the first anime series in January 2020, SHAFT Studio is ready with another installment. So, here is everything to know about Magia Record Season 2.

Magia Record Season 2

Magia Record Season 2: Plot Details & Key Visuals

The subscribers of the original Magia Record game already know what is coming next in the series. Previously, we saw that the Wings of Magius organization is trying its best to get its hands on Doppels. These can reverse the effects of the witch form. However, Kyubey fears that this spell will put the entire living society in danger because no one has tried it before. But, Magius still wants to do so. The new season will focus on the risks of using Doppels. What will the Magius choose?

A new poster was also revealed through the official Twitter handle of Magia Record Season 2. The poster includes the witches is in both dark and bright lights. This points towards the choice they will have in the coming season. What do you think they will choose now?

Magia Record Season 2

Cast And Crew

The official website does not reveal any changes in the team members. Thus, most of the people are returning for season 2. For a start, Gekidan InuCurry is handling direction and script supervising. Next, Yukihiro Miyamoto and Junichiro Taniguchi will be assistant directors. Moreover, Junichiro is the character designer for the show. Akiyuki Simbo is head of the animation department.


The list of cast members of Magia Record Season 2 includes Momo Asakura in the lead role of Iroha Tamaki. Moreover, Sora Amamiya will be playing Yachiyo Nanami. Shina Natsukawa will play Yui Tsuruno. Ayane Sakura and Yui Ogura will be voicing Felicia Mitsuki and Sana Futaba, respectively. Moreover, Mikako Komatsu will be playing Momoko Togame. Lastly, other casting names include Kaede Akino, Rena Minami, and Small Kyubey.

Magia Record Season 2: Release Date

According to official news, Magia Record Season 2 is all set to release this summer. Since the news is coming so late in summer itself. We can expect the show to release in the last weeks of July 2021. However, this release date is only for Japanese television broadcasting. The international release dates are yet to come, but we will be sure to update you as soon as they arrive.


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