Lord Of The Rings Prequel Anime Announced! When Will It Come Out?

It has been more than two decades since Lord of the Rings fans saw their favorite franchise return in some way. While many classic series get reboots time and again in the form of video games or short films, this classic remains untouched. However, this is not the case anymore, and our wait is finally over. Warner Bros and New Line Cinema are finally teaming up to produce the Lord of the Rings Prequel Anime reboot.


This Thursday, the two companies released a joint announcement regarding the latest Lord of the Rings anime project. The anime film will be called The War of the Rohirrim. Popular Japanese anime director Kenji Kamiyama is also on board for the upcoming venture. An official synopsis and staffing details are also out. Here is everything to know about it.

Lord Of The Rings Prequel Anime
Warner Bros

Lord of The Rings Prequel Anime: Synopsis

The official synopsis of the upcoming anime prequel looks pretty exciting. It describes the story as the origin story of the events before the original Lord of the Rings franchise. Moreover, the plot will be set 250 years prior to the story we have known. In The Third Age, the life of Middle-earth residents before they had an establishment will take place. Besides, we will dive deep into the mysteries of the renowned Helm’s Deep fortress, which becomes prominent later in the franchise.

Fans can also expect to witness the becoming of a legend in the form of Helm Hammerhand. We know from the film franchise that Helm is the King of Rohan and one of the most significant figures in Lord of the Rings. It will be interesting to watch The Tale play out in the classic anime style of filmmaking. Let’s watch out for how the product is going to be.

Production Details!

The name that everyone is talking about is the Black Lotus fame filmmaker Kenji Kamiyama who is on the team with Warner Bros to direct this one. Another team member from Black Lotus, Joseph Chou, is working as the producer on the project. As for the screenplay, Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews will be drafting it. Lastly, Oscar-winner screenwriter Philippa Boyens is also part of the writing team of Lord of the Rings prequel anime. On the other hand, Sola Entertainment is responsible for the animation of the new film.

Lord Of The Rings Prequel Anime

Lord of The Rings Prequel Anime: Release Date

Neither Warner Bros. Animation nor New Line Cinema has confirmed any further details about the anime adaptation. Aside from the project idea, no casting names or teaser details were made public. However, we can speculate through the buzz that Warner Bros. will take their due time in releasing this one. All the earlier Lord of the Rings movies were winter slate releases. So, it seems fair enough that The War of the Rohirrim will also find a place amongst the winter releases. At the earliest, the much-awaited Prequel Anime might arrive sometime by early-2023.


What are your thoughts about the upcoming anime adaptation of Lord of the Rings? Do you think it is fair to make an anime of a cult series as such? Please share your opinions with us in the comment box below. For more latest updates on popular anime shows, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.