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Edens Zero Episode 15: Great Kaiju Shiki! Release Date & Plot Details

The title of Edens Zero Episode 15 is “Great Kaiju Shiki.” The next episode is going to be very interesting, and fans are pretty excited to see it. They already got stunned after seeing two Homuras in the previous episode. The first one is joining Drakken’s ranks and working against Edens Zero. Whereas Homura, with a different avatar, appears to be on the other side as she already saved Shiki from being killed.

Now, fans are very curious to know in which direction this story will unfold. The next episode will likely provide some answers to the viewers to clear their confusion. The debut season of this anime is getting more and more interesting with every single episode. So, when will fans be able to see the next one? Here is everything to know. 

Edens Zero Episode 15

Edens Zero Episode 15: Plot Details!

The title of the forthcoming episode of this series reveals that it will somewhat revolve around Shiki. After the shocking ending of the previous episode, fans can expect to see two Homuras battling each other in the next one. Currently, some speculations suggest that the Homura that betrayed Shiki is the fake one. Edens Zero Episode 15 will reveal which Homura is real and whether she betrayed Shiki or not.

There is also a possibility that Shiki will go berserk in the next episode. It will likely happen due to Jamilov’s actions. If this happens, the viewers can expect him to deliver a proper punishment to Jamilov for Jamilov’s evil doings. However, it will also make Joe and Drakken each other’s enemies. 

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Edens Zero Episode 15

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 14th episode of Edens Zero, the viewers saw Rebecca and Happy realized that the bodies of all the previous players have disappeared after Drakken erased them. The latter is not guilty of their doings as he wanted to see the despair on people’s faces. As a result, Shiki didn’t waste any time in launching an attack on Drakken. However, the latter quickly turned his sword into a giant sword to fight back. The name of this shark is Maria.

Drakken ordered Maria to eat Shiki and also told her that is her snack time. Maria began to eat everything in her way. Therefore, Shiki launched a colossal tower towards Drakken to attack him. By the end of this episode, the viewers saw the arrival of the second Homura, who saved Shiki from monsters. 

Edens Zero Episode 15

Edens Zero Episode 15: Release Date

Fans don’t have to wait for a very long time to see the next episode as it is just around the corner. Edens Zero Episode 15 is all set to come out on Sunday, July 18, 2021. It will be available to watch on Netflix and Hulu. 

So, what are your thoughts on this new anime, and which Homura do you think will win? Let us know your answers in the comment box. Keep coming back to The Anime Daily for all the latest updates on anime and manga.