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Girly Air Force Season 2: When Will It Release? Renewal & All Latest Updates

It has been more than two years since fans last saw Girly Air Force on screens. So now, they’re wondering when they’ll be able to see Girly Air Force Season 2. Its first season was full of ups and downs. But its last few episodes managed to convince the audience that the anime deserves another season. So, when will the makers ever give the green light to this show’s sequel? Here are all the latest details.

Girly Air Force is a Japanese action sci-fi anime series. It is the remake of Koji Natsumi’s light novel series of the same title. Satelight animation studio gave life to its story by animating the first installment of the series. The premiere episode of the anime aired on January 10, 2019. Moreover, it ran for a total of twelve episodes before concluding on March 28 of the same year. 

Girly Air Force Season 2

Girly Air Force Anime Review

The first season of the anime came with several unique things, but it has a lot of plot holes as well. It featured some great action sequences. Though it is not consistent, its set up of fighter planes is kind of unique to watch. Besides, Satelight studio did a great job in animating this show. The bright and beautiful animation of the series made it even more watchable. On top of that, Girly Air Force nailed all of its aerial fights scenes, and they looked pretty cool too.

The anime started quite slowly, but it picked up the pace with time. Its last few episodes were the peak point of this series. Besides, the final battle between Rhino and Gripen/Kei felt mature than the previous one. However, the series has a lot of filler content as well that only wastes time. On top of that, anime came up with a lot of questions but didn’t provide answers to all of them. 

Girly Air Force Season 2

Girly Air Force Season 2: Renewal Status

The debut season of the series got a mixed response from both, the viewers and the critics. They praised its unique action sequences but criticized the series for its slow and dull storyline. As a result, this mixed response affected its ratings as well. At the time of writing, GAF has a score of 6.16 on MyAnimeList, which is pretty low. However, the good thing is the anime is moderately popular and has more than 61K members in its MAL group.

Also, its LN series already has a total of 12 volumes and is still running. So, there is enough source material for Girly Air Force Season 2. Now, the renewal status will depend on the demand for the sequel. If it increases in the next few months, the makers might renew it for another run. 

Girly Air Force Season 2

Girly Air Force Season 2: Release Date

It seems like fans have to go through a long hiatus to see the sequel of this anime. They have already been waiting for two-long-years. So, if the renewal comes this year, they would only have to wait for at least one and a half years more. Girly Air Force Season 2 can premiere sometime in the first half of 2023. However, it is only a prediction, and to know the official release date, we have to for the makers to announce it. 

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