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Fairy Gone Season 3: Renewed? Release Date & Everything To Know

It has been more than one and a half years since fans last saw the second season of Fairy Gone, and now they are wondering when Fairy Gone Season 3 will hit the screens. The previous two installments of this anime series were brilliant and managed to impress the viewers. It was a bit monotonous at some times, but the studio covers it up by giving good quality action. So, when will its fans be able to see the third installment of this show? Here are all the latest details. 

Fairy Gone is a Japanese original dark fantasy action anime series. Kenichi Suzuki helmed this show, whereas Ao Jumonji has written it. PA Works animation studio animated both the installments of this series. The anime made its debut on April 8, 2019. Its second season came out in the same year on October 7 and ended on December 23. 

Fairy Gone Season 3

Fairy Gone Season 3: Renewal Status

The first two installments received a mixed response from everyone. However, most of its reviews were on the positive side. The series featured some great action sequences that justice its dark theme. But there were a lot of plotholes in its story. As a result, these flaws affected the ratings of the series. At the time of writing, it has a score of 6.37 on MyAnimeList. Despite the average ratings, the series made a lot of fans.

And now all of them are demanding to see the third run of this anime. So, if the demand to see the next installment of the series increases, even more, the makers might renew Fairy Gone Season 3. However, the main issue is that the series’s second season resolved the main storyline and left the opening for another season. It might stop the production studio from waving the green flag. 

Fairy Gone Season 3

What’s The Show About?

The story of Fairy Gone is set after the War of Unification. In its premise, fairies possess and remain in animals, and in return, give them mysterious abilities. During the war, special soldiers implanted fairies organs in them that allows them to summon powerful fairies. They can use their powers in the battle. Nine years after the war, some rogue Fairy soldiers take advantage of the poor condition of the post-war nation. As a result, the government formed an organization known as “Dorothea,” whose only purpose is to kill the illegal fairy users.

Fairy Gone Season 3

Fairy Gone Season 3: Release Date

The chances for the anime series to return are very low. But if the makers still consider it for the third season, and renew it by the end of this year, then fans can expect Fairy Gone Season 3 to release by the end of 2022. We will update this section when official details come out.

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