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Fena Pirate Princess Reveals New Trailer! Plot, Release Date & More

About a month ago, Crunchyroll came out with a Japan-exclusive trailer for the Fena Pirate Princess Anime. Now, the makers are finally here with the global release of the fantasy anime’s trailer. For years director Kazuto Nakazawa has been talking about the release of his work. It looks like that the Production IG anime is finally coming together now. After the July 2020 announcement, many new announcements in regards to the anime have come by.


So, if you are struggling to keep up, then we are here to ease your troubles. The latest trailer also reveals the solid premiere date for the anime. From trailer breakdown to plot details, we have it all covered for you. So, without any further ado, here is all you need to know about the upcoming anime.

Fena Pirate Princess

Fena Pirate Princess: Plot & New Trailer Breakdown

As per the original sources, the story of Fena Pirate Princess revolves around Fena Houtman, who becomes an independent individual after the tragic loss of both her parents. Later on, as she looks for work in the town, she ends up working at a brothel as a cleaner. However, this naïve girl is unaware of her past. One fine day, a group of goons lands at her brothel to rescue her tell her the origins of the Fena Pirate Princess.

The new trailer of FPP tells the brave story of Fena, who does not want to be another princess who is married off to an able prince. It is evident that the story of the anime is twisted to a large extent from the initial synopsis. Rather than being a brothel worker, we see that Fena is a princess herself. And she is tasked to fulfill the last wish of her father. Check out the Japan-exclusive trailer that came out recently right here.

Who Is In The Cast?

We all know that the Fena Pirate Princess storyline is the ambitious vision of Director Kazuto Nakazawa. For a start, fans can expect to see Asami Seto as the lead character of Fena Houtman. Ryota Suzuki is playing the role of Fena’s bodyguard. The character of Shitan is being played by Takahiro Sakurai. Moreover, Aoi Yuki is playing Karin, while Gen Sato will be playing Enju, Kaeda’s brother. Lastly, Ryota Osaka will be voicing Kaede, and Jun Osuka is voicing the part of Tsubaki.


The other team members of Fena Pirate Princess anime include Asako Kuboyama as the screenplay writer. In the post-production department, we have Yuki Kajiura looking after the music composing department. Also, FlyingDog’s single will be the opening theme song of the anime. You can also get a sneak peek at the music in the latest trailer.

Fena Pirate Princess

Fena Pirate Princess: Release Date

The latest trailer of the upcoming pirate anime also reveals the release date of the show. According to official news from Crunchyroll, August 14 will mark the release of the first two episodes of Fena Pirate Princess. Later on, the episodes will premiere on a weekly basis on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. We hope you are efficiently managing your schedule so that you don’t miss out on any show.


Are you excited to watch the story of Fena Pirate Princess come to life? What are your thoughts about the new trailer? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. For more latest news updates on the same, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.