Fire Force Season 2: Trailer Shows New Characters

After a first successful season, the creators of Fire Force are about to bring its 2nd season. It is expected that the second season of Fire Force would be more adventurous and full of thrill. To make the upcoming season more entertaining, the authorities have decided to add some new characters.

The official Funimation Twitter account has announced the release date for the season 2 of Fire Force. According to the tweet, the Fire Force season 2 will be released this summer. Yes, igniter’s fans your favorite Anime series is coming on July 3, 2020. The tweet displays the poster in which all characters of Fire Force are there in their iconic Fire Force look.

After the official announcement, the recent trailer for the new season is officially out now.

These characters are full of energy, and they have a lot of new powers. They will be able to maintain the storyline more integrated and will play an essential part to keep an audience engaged in the series.

Ogun Montgomery


Ogun Montgomery is a third-generation pyrokinetic. Shin Furukawa is the dub artist behind the Ogun’s character. Ogun, who is the Shinra and Arthur’s fellow at the Fire Force Academy and the member of the 4th Special Fire Brigade is quite friendly.

Mr. Shin Furukawa has given the following remarks about the character:
“My first impression is that he is a kind of humorous, but he is a good man.” Later on in the statement, he expressed that he wants this kind of friend.

Pan Ko Paat


Another new character is Pan Ko Paat. Pan’s signature style is the whistle in his neck which he uses occasionally and his orange instructor suit. This iconic look of Pan’s character reflects his strict personality.

Pan is the commander of 4th special Fire Brigade along with it he is a Shinra and Arthurs instructor at the academy. Daisuke Ono is the voice artist for Pan’s character.

The appreciation from the dub artist for the Pan is in the following terms:
“Cool and thoughtful instructor. A person who helps, watches, and guides people. I wanted to be like this and that is why I am honored to have this role.”

Kasugatani Inka


Kasugatani Inka: a female character with short pink hair. Inka’s character is considering to have a major part in the 2nd season of Fire Force. Miyuri Shimabukuro, the voice artist behind Inka’s role has expressed her views about her character that she is happy to be a part of it.

Scop And Yata


Scop is an animal character. Kentaro Ito plays the role of Scop in Fire Force Season 2. Yata is another animal character. This character has a resemblance to the crow. Hayami Sho played the character of Yata. Both animals were the former residence of Oasis.

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