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Tower Of God’s Creator Celebrates Season One’s Finale By Drawing A Comic

Tower Of God is a famous South Korean Manhwa. Later on, in 2020, that manhwa transformed into an anime series with the same name. The series gave its debut in April of this year on both South Korean and Japanese streaming networks simultaneously. Those streaming sites are Naver Series On and Crunchyroll respectively.

Now on June 24, the Tower Of God marks its last episode on Crunchyroll. The series after creating a huge fan base worldwide has ended now with the finale of its first season.

Soon after the finale, the creator of this astounding series Mr. SUI (writer and illustrator) shared his views through webtoon official twitter account.

The creator thanked his viewers and present a comic from the Tower Of God. He paid his regards in the following words:

Thank you for watching Tower Of God on Crunchyroll.

I hope it was a pleasant journey, you can continue following Bam’s adventure on webtoon right now.

I Hope! That we can meet again someday! Thank you!

Later he expressed his gratitude in these words:

I am forever grateful to everyone who has helped produce this anime and to the many readers who have dreamed of TOG becoming an anime over the past 10 years. I hope it is a dream come true for all of you.

The TOG fans are wishing for another season. However, to date, there is no announcement from the creator’s side.

Tower Of God is a story of two friends, a long hair Bam, and his friend Rachel. Bam lived his life in solitude and does not want to leave his friend Rachel alone in times of hardship. Rachel, being a sad soul now, wants to spend the rest of her life in a mysterious tower. To save Rachel from entering the tower, Bam follows her and both of them ended up in troubles and several tests to climb the tower.

The story portrays their friendship beautifully and the sacrifices they made for each other, especially the tests given by Bam for Rachel.

Twenty-Fifth Bam or in short just Bam is the main protagonist of Tower Of God. The tower is full of surprises, and its top floor has this virtue to fulfill the desires and dreams of a person who climb it. But, to reach that floor of a gigantic tower, the climber must have to pass numerous exams and then he or she would be promoted to another level.

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