Gabriel Dropout Season 2: Confirmed? Will It Return? Release Details

Gabriel Dropout is one of the best anime by Studio Doga Kobo. The series became a fan-favorite around its debut back in 2017. Yet, unlike its other popular shows, the studio is yet to renew Gabriel Dropout Season 2. Is there any hope for the anime? What are the chances of its return? Here are the answers to all your burning questions.


Originally, Gabriel Dropout was a popular manga series written and illustrated by Ukami. It began serialization back in 2013 and has been published for nine volumes as of 2020. The unique storyline of the manga was soon picked up for an anime adaptation. Studio Doga Kobo released the debut season back in January 2017, which became an instant hit. As of today, fans are still waiting for a second installment.

Gabriel Dropout Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled?

The creators of the slice of life anime are yet to renew it for another round. However, that does not rule out the possibility at all. The series is still fresh in the mind of its fanbase. Meanwhile, the demand for Gabriel Dropout Season 2 is constantly increasing. Given the performance of the first season, the anime will likely get a renewal soon.

Gabriel Dropout Season 2

Well, it’s common for anime series to take several years to return. In fact, some well-known names like One-Punch Man and Psycho-Pass have taken as long as four to five years to be back. As of today, less than four years have passed since Gabriel Dropout’s first release. Hence, there’s still hope for the sequel. Currently, all we can do is patiently wait for an official account. We will update this article with relevant information.


Is There Enough Source Material?

The Gabriel Dropout manga series has already been released for a total of nine volumes, as of February 2020. The manga is still in the run, and Volume 10 is likely to launch sometime around early to mid-2021. On the other hand, the first season of its anime adaptation only covered the first four manga volumes. Hence, Doga Kobo still has more than enough content for Gabriel Dropout Season 2. The sequel is likely to adapt the next four volumes of the manga.

Gabriel Dropout Season 2

Gabriel Dropout Season 2: Release Date

Even though the studio is yet to renew the fan-favorite anime, chances for its return are still pretty high. In fact, the green flag might arrive sooner than expected. As per current circumstances and Doga Kobo’s schedule, Gabriel Dropout Season 2 might take a few years to make it to the screens. At the earliest, the release date might fall sometime around early to mid-2022. Keep an eye on this section for all official updates.


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