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Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 12: Choice Between Saki & Nagisa! Release Date

One more show is coming to an end in the next two days. The beautiful story of three young adults who want to experience the joys of a relationship is concluding. The course of Girlfriend Girlfriend has been an entertaining one. In the penultimate episode, the entire foundation of Naoya’s relationship with Saki and Nagisa came to a standstill. This was because they saw him in the hot tub with Shino. But Naoya convinced them that the scene was a product of an accident. Will Saki and Nagisa believe him? Here is all you need to know about Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 12.

In the upcoming episode, Nagisa and Saki will face the toughest choice in their relationship. As the season is ending, Naoya might reveal who he loves between the two. Or he might also choose to keep the status quo of their arrangement. It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the last episode.

Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 12

Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 12: Plot Details

The title of the finale episode of GG is “Girlfriend Girlfriend.” Being the final episode, the outing will bring closure to many arcs. After the brief confrontation with Rika, Naoya has clarified that he does not want to befriend anyone besides Nagisa and Saki. Even after he fell in the hot pool with Shino, both his girlfriends trusted his words. However, the biggest question of the series remains Naoya’s choice.

In the previous episode, the boy said that he wants both his girlfriends to get along peacefully. However, he never talked about his priority between the two. In Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 12, Naoya might reveal who he truly loves. The act may also kick off a new arc for the next second season. However, Naoya may choose to continue this love triangle like most of the season. It will be interesting to see what the boy would choose when all is coming to an end.

Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 12

Previous Episode Recap!

In the penultimate episode of Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 1, Rika executed her plan to charm Naoya. As she wanted to attract him, she called him in the same bathtub where she was sitting. At first, Naoya refused by saying that he had never even been on a date with her. But Rika apologized for her past mistakes and asked for a second chance. So, Noaya abided and asked her never to manipulate him like this ever. He also revealed that he wants to see Saki and Nagisa together.

Later, when Naoya was about to leave the Hot Spring room, he slipped into the bathtub. The splash unrobed Shino. The act that was created with this mishap was witnessed by Nagisa and Saki. Both his girlfriends got fumingly angry after watching him like this. However, he explained the circumstances later, and Saki and Nagisa trusted his words. The episode ended with Nagisa sharing her feelings with Naoya and telling him to be careful in the future.

Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 12

Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 12: Release Date

With the brilliant slice-of-life anime series coming to an end, fans are looking for equally entertaining shows to fill the void it will leave. Before that, Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 12 will air on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Crunchyroll streams all the episodes of the popular series. Moreover, next week, all the episodes will be available for free on the platform. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more new updates.