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Grimoire Of Zero Review [Spoiler-Free] | The Anime Daily

Adapted from a popular light novel series, the Grimoire Of Zero anime shines due to its beautiful characters. The series turned out to be one of the best fantasy anime that features Human x Supernatural Creature pairing. Some viewers compare it to fantasy romance anime like Spice & Wolf. Whereas, many think that its presentation style is similar to 1997’s Berserk. Hence, if you’re wondering whether to watch this show, here’s a Spoiler-Free, Grimoire Of Zero Review.

Grimoire Of Zero was originally a light novel series written by Kakeru Kobashiri and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma. Due to its popularity, the LN was picked for an anime adaptation within a few years of its launch. Upon release in 2017, the television show received fairly positive reviews. Both critics and viewers seemed to like the plot of the story.

Based in a medieval fantasy world, the anime tells the tale of a half-man, half-beast mercenary, whose kind is threatened by notorious witches. The Beastfallen are shunned as monsters, and they only dream of becoming human. While on the run, the mercenary encounters a beautiful young and kind witch named Zero. The two of them make a deal that turns his dream into reality. Thereafter, they embark on a journey to find Zero’s lost ‘Grimoire,’ a magical tome with powerful knowledge.

Reasons To Watch Grimoire Of Zero

  • Chemistry Between The Leading Couple

The beautiful chemistry between the protagonists is one of the sole reasons why you should watch this anime. Grimoire Of Zero is a treat for fans of inhuman pairing in anime. Both Zero and the mercenary are strong characters. Unlike the way she looks, Zero is mature and bold. She is also kind and naive. On the other hand, the mercenary is strong and faithful, yet, he is also shy. Both their personalities make a perfect Kawaii couple and give us many heartwarming moments.

  •  The Storytelling

Being the adaptation of a famous LN series, the Grimoire Of Zero anime tells an outstanding storyline. The characters connect to the viewers, plot points are intense, and many episodes make you feel emotions. Despite having a slow pace, the overall storytelling is enjoyable. A must watch for fantasy otakus.

  • Worthwhile Animation

Unlike many anime in the genre, Grimoire Of Zero sports effective animation. Studio White Fox has done a great job in animating the series. Well, the techniques aren’t unique and are similar to most fantasy anime of the decade. However, they are suitable for the setting and do justice to the story.

Will There Be A Grimoire Of Zero Season 2?

Studio White Fox is yet to announce the official renewal of the anime for the second season. However, looking at its popularity and performance, chances for its return are high. We will update this section with the release date of Grimoire Of Zero Season 2 once it comes out.

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